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More thoughts on control issues, trust, and being open

Thursday, January 31, 2008

In reply to the last post on Control Issues, Trust, and Being Open, Karla had a great response. I started to just respond in the comment section, but it occured to me that this would make a good post (actually two posts) as it contains so much food for thought.

Karla said: Maybe it's important to remember that we don't always have to fly. The chicken could hop down on the ground and find a fascinating life there! Wherever we go when we leap off the roost, there are adventures to be had!

I love her point about the chicken... we are who we are. Being a chicken (if you are a chicken) can be adventurous and exciting and fulfilling. But, if you are, for example, a robin TRYING to be a chicken... well it's going to be stressful, and complicated, and unsuccessfull on many levels. A chicken, on the other hand, trying to be a robin is doomed to failure.

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So, I like her point. I guess the question would be who am I? What is my own unique essential nature? And just begin to BE that.

She also said: The open hand DOES seem easier to do. The only thing is sometimes I find myself REACTING to events in a way that causes the hand to tighten up. Kind of an uncontrollable thing to regain control. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Is that self preservation or a lack of faith? How can we remember to let loose in that instant we want to form a fist? I KNOW I'm not in control but it's that knee jerk reaction in crisis, ya know?

I was thinking about what she said, and looking at the image of the bird on the hand, and I couldn't help noticing that that little bird has what looks like a good grip on the finger it's sitting on. Which brought up a number of questions:

  1. When you clench up, are you gripping on to your support system?
  2. When something frightens you, do you hold tight to your beliefs, to your "source", to your "God", to balance, to home, to love?
  3. Or do you clench up and cling to something different?
  4. What?
  5. Are you the bird on the hand?
  6. A bird in a cage?
  7. Or the monkey with his hand in the jar?


Anonymous said...

I love the monkey story AND the inspiring story of the cancer-free man who had experienced so much! Goes back to that movie we saw, The Bucket List!
I gotta tell you about what happened today at work. I work for an attorney (go figure) and a little moth was flitting about in our office. Poor thing! I believe he knew I wanted to help and after several attempts, he perched upon my hand and I took him out to the garden. OK. Good deed done, right? He would'nt let loose! Just sat there regarding me on my hand and finally I had to gently nudge him to take flight. In light of todays project, I found this incredibly profound. We are not the only ones who cling to the safety of a loving hand when we know we should follow our own flight patterns!


Shirley Twofeathers said...

What a cool story. It occurs to me that sometimes the greatest freedom lies in remaining still.

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