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What Can I Do Today?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

For our very first exercise, we just have a simple question.

What one, single, easy thing can I do TODAY – out of all the many things I COULD be doing! – that:

I WANT to do,
… and that …
… will bring the GREATEST rewards in the long run?

Take 60 seconds to reflect on this and then … go and do THAT!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Y'all! Back from the honeymoon and ready to be inspired! This looks like a cool project..and easy! Today I'd like to meet a friend who is here from out of town for the psychic fair this weekend. We chat regularly and it's difficult to coordinate schedules to meet but I really want to do that today. I want her to know her friendship is valuable. Will this give me the most rewards in the long run? Perhaps, or perhaps not. But it would bring me the most joy today.

Interested to hear what everyone is up to!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi Karla, welcome back!

On the surface this looks like an easy thing... and yet... (those who know me won't be surprised)... I'm struggling with it.

The part I'm struggling with is the part about "and that I WANT to do" being paired with "and do that RIGHT NOW"...

Because I'm thinking that putting ME first today, and spending quiet time this morning taking care of the physical Shirley would bring the most rewards, and I do want to do that... but...

And here's the stone I keep tripping over...

I also WANT to get more done on the blogs because I WANT to have a 2 week vacation OFF the internet and getting the blogs prescheduled and on automatic will allow me to do that without sacrificing readers, ad clicks, and etc...

Which brings me to the realization that what I WANT to do is work on the blogs...

So now I give myself permission to do just that!

OK.. now that's done. Only took me 5 minutes of wiffle-waffling and angst... not bad!

Anonymous said...

Good job Shirley! Prioritizing is really difficult for me too. Does anyone else feel like there should be 48 hours in the day? Why is that? Shouldn't we have all this time now that electronics have made our lives so much easier? Ha ha ha ha!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

48 hours in a day? If we could manage that, next thing you know we'd be wanting 64 hours...

What I find myself wishing is for more than one of me... I have this ongoing fantasy about having:

1 - a "me" that goes to work, does the grocery shopping, and the errands,

2 - another "me" that sits at the computer and works on the internet for extended periods of time,

3 - and a "me" who does gardening and yardwork,

4 - not to mention the me "me" who is continually in the midst of some great creative enterprise,

5 - plus the "me" who visits with friends and family and takes the grandchildren to the zoo,

6 - and last but not least the "me" who goes into silence and meditation for hours at a time,

LOL... Probably I'd need to have a couple more "me's" with jobs just to feed all of us... and where would we all sleep?

the gay bookworm said...

First it is great seeing Karla back. HOpe your honeymoon was freaking fantastic.

Second I think electronics have made our lives more scattered, and have wrecked havoc with our sense of time. I agree they are or can be fun etcc....but overall I am not completely sure they have improved the quality of our lives.

Since I lost internet last night with the storms here I am only reading this today, Friday. I am not sure I would have done anything differently since I am trying to listen to my inner guidance in my actions.

msvb19 said...

I would excercise to release the extra weight

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