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Ganesh Mantra for Removing Obstacles

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Aum Vighna Nasanaya Namah
(Om Vig-nah Nah-sha-nah-yah Na-ma-ha)

This mantra invokes the Lord Ganesha to remove every impediment in your life and in your works. By constant meditation on this mantra, all obstacles and blocked energy in your physical and astral bodies are released.

And here is the "seed sound" for those moments when you cannot collect your thoughts and totally forget the mantra. It can also be used by those of you who prefer something short and sweet. It's just one syllable and sounds exactly how it looks.



Shirley said...

I love the way this feels in my mind when I think it!

I am going to make myself a couple of business card size copies of the mantra and the image. One for my car, one for at work, and one for my refrigerator.

If anyone would like me to send them a couple, I would be happy to. It will be easy and I will have extras. Just email me and I'll get them printed and sent.

Anonymous said...

Good idea - I'll print cards too - no need to send them. By the way, are you chanting with something specific in mind or are you just putting out general intent for smooth sailing? I got curious: if we haven't stopped to investigate the nature, extent and energy of our impediments, can this work on them as effectively?

shirley said...

My understanding is that we are NOT focusing on the nature, extent or energy of our impediments. We are focusing on Ganesh who knows all of that and is fully capable of resolving them for us.

So, the way I had thought to do the mantra was to have an idea in my mind of Ganesh going before me and making my way easy and successful. I also focus on how grateful I am that he will do that for me, and how much I appreciate him for it.

I don't know if that is correct or not.. but it feels comfortable to me.

Two Feathers said...

In the post : How to Meditate, under "traditional meditation" it says to focus on the meaning of the mantra. Our mantra page has the purpose listed but I am not 100% sure that the purpose and the meaning are the same.

I will go online later this evening and see if I can find out the exact meaning of our selected mantra.

In the mean time, I think we could focus on what it means to us and that will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Can Ganesh be used to extinguish negative vibes in your life that can be impeding your progress?

michelle said...

This should be interesting....I have a very difficult time keeping a coherent thought in my head due to the mix of constant chaos and pain medicine so it is good to have the 'seed sound.' I have not had a chance to use them yet...tomorrow morning the plan is to get up and meditate in the quiet before all hell breaks loose in my home.

shirley said...

Meditating in the quiet is nice, but don't wait for quiet to do it. You can do the "gum gum gum" as you try to navigate your day through chaos and pain. That is actually the best time to do the mantra... in the midst of the "impediments" to your joy.

Unless you have a regular meditation practice where you actually take 20 minutes every single day to be quiet and do it, you will get way more out of the mantra if you just use it whenever you feel stressed.. for some of us that's 24/7.. and to do the mantra 24/7 is very powerful.

Doing the seed sound a gagillion times a day is way better than doing the long version a couple of times a day.

Two Feathers said...

I made a cool slide show. It makes for a great way to take a few minutes to meditate. Check it out!

Melissa J. said...

I agree that we do not necessarily need to fully understand the ins and outs of our obstacles in order for them to be dissolved. I think of it this way: if someone was ill, they could spend a whole lot of time and energy diagnosing the illness, trying to determine how it came about, what are the ramifications, what possible childhood traumas could have caused it, what is their mental state, and THEN finally what is the cure. OR they could skip right ahead and spend ALL that time and energy just focusing on the cure - in this case, our mantra. I personally prefer to save my energy for the mantra. Of course there is value in deeply examining your life and your soul in order to achieve personal growth, but I also believe you can have a profound and heartfelt deep spiritual awakening by looking toward the light rather than the dark.

shirley said...

Melissa, I think you are right. I also think that focusing on "fixing" the problems can be a really good way to distract yourself from moving past it. We sometimes get really attached to the "stuff" that is attached to us. It's really scary to come out from under that rock. It feels vulnerable and unprotected. Another thing that I notice is that whenever I can just really let go.. come to that place where I really sincerely do not care about the outcome.. that's when things start to come together in a better way.

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I got up in the morning only to find out that my checking account is once again hovering close to a zero balance, plus I couldn't find hay for my elderly sheep, plus my car really needs to get serviced and I'm worried about it, plus my daughter needs me to loan her $50 so she can have food for the next week, plus there is another snow and ice storm on its way, plus my driveway and the long walk up to my house is a solid sheet of ice, plus I have no water and my pipes are broken, plus I have no dryer.. the list seems endlesss to me..

And I did the ganesh mantra for a really really long time. I thought that for sure things would immediately begin to feel better. But instead what happened was I got more and more angry by the minute. By the time I got to work I was really pissed off. And I stayed pissy all night long.

So on my way home, I was thinking that the Ganesh Mantra wasn't working worth shit, and my life was shit.. etc.. etc.. Then when I got home, I logged on and happened to reread the meaning of the mantra. "all obstacles and blocked energty are released" and I began to wonder if maybe the emotion of anger and frustration was attached to, or part of, a chunk of blocked energy that was moving up and out.. and maybe I was just experiencing it as it moved through and out..

Then I checked my email and realized that I am surrounded by people who love me, and I began to feel a lot better.

So that's my experience thus far.

Two Feathers said...

Hi guys. I uploaded a listing of all the Ganesh Mantras I could find.

One of these days I will figure out how to embed a link in the comments box, so that when I upload a new post, I can give a direct link to it, but for now, you'll just have to scroll down to find it.

Anyway, the mantras are cool, there is a lot of food for thought contained within them, so you might want to go take a look.

Saskia said...

Hi, everybody I'm back. I really like this month's idea. I hope that it will start to remove the negitive crap soon, because I really need to get it out of my life for good.

michelle said...

I love the slideshow. I spent yesterday memorizing the mantra and making it comfortable in my mouth so that it can roll easily. Then, last night when I was going to sleep, I was able to spend about 20 minutes before I fell asleep saying the mantra. It felt good. And peaceful. I don't know if I am seeing any results yet, but I don't think I really care. I find I am not in it for the results. Of course, results are always nice. However...I spend so much of my time just surviving that I am not sure I would be adequately able to recognize a subtle change. Until things are just completely different in my life I cannot be clinging to what might work and what might not....
Pretty much, if I can plow through the day and get as much accomplished as possible, I feel just tired, instead of good, like I accomplished something. I think it's just being overwhelmed by my surroundings. I have been seriously taken down a peg and MADE to exist in the painful present and all of the chaos that it time to dream, create, or spiritualize.
I can see a difference in the way I feel about things based on the dialogue and efforts of this project. It makes me think, and want to spiritualize. I think that for me, to find 20 minutes of peace, even if it's at the end of my day when I am thoroughly exhausted, is worth it. Results are just gravy, man.

shirley said...

I am starting to have an "intuition" that we are all going to be seeing big changes. And big changes can mean a certain amount of chaos as things move and shift. We might be in for a wild ride before it's all said and done and the dust has settled. I am profoundly grateful that that I am not alone here.

Melissa J. said...

"I am profoundly grateful that that I am not alone here."

I second that!!!!

Michelle said...

I kept saying the seed sound, 'gum' over and over yesterday, and my three year old kept following me around going "I want gum, Mommy...can I have gum?"
I have been mad, mad pissed off, I have been really disgusted with my surroundings and some of the adult people in it.....I have had a feeling that something iS going to happen, and I hope that it is GOOD instead of the house falling in on me and someone stealing my favorite red sparkly shoes.

shirley said...

Mommy I want gum! That is too funny.

When I went to bed last night I had this really strong feeling that there is a powerful shift and movement happening behind the scenes.. way behind the scenes that are apparant to me in my life.

Nothing outward is happening to show me that blocks ore being "removed" but I sure do have that deep inner feeling of movement.

Two Feathers said...

Hey guys.

I found a really nifty thing about praying to Ganesh. It will come in 2 posts. One is about praying in general. The other is a series of prayers that can be used as guidelines when asking for specifics.

The first post is up right now, and I am hoping to have the second one done before I have to leave for work. If not, it will be there for sure by tomorrow.

The little prayers are really cool. I'll let you guys know when I get it done so you can go look. In the mean time, the little piece about prayers in general was pretty nifty. It's nothing new, but it's said in (for me) a new way.

Two Feathers said...

Ok, the post with the prayers on it is up. They can be used to augment the mantra practice if you feel a need. Go take a look, I think they are pretty neat.

Shirley said...

So, now I have a bad cold. And for me, whenever I have a bad cold it reminds me of boarding school and crying until my eyes were swollen shut, and I often think that having a cold is my way to release some of that grief that accumulated as a result of that experience. And I think that it's coming up and out, so that's good.

I was talking to someone at work about how I did a gypsy spell to remove blocks and almost immediately my water main broke. And then I started researching and getting ready to do a Ganesh mantra for removing obstacles and my water pipes freeze and break. And I asked her what she thought the metaphysical meaning of that might be. I thought her answer was really interesting.

She said that according to the teachings that she adheres to, whenever you affirm, or ask for, or begin to manifest something specific in your life - that thing is always attached inherently to the direct opposite. Think of a stick. On one end is what you want and on the other end is what you don't want. The stick represents the totality of all that is.

And if you are overly attached to the wrong end of your metaphysical stick, it will pop up and whack you in the face so you can deal with it. Interesting huh?

So, I was thinking about that a lot, and it makes so much sense. How many times have we all begun to work on something ... asked for something ... prayed for something .. worked toward something.. only to have the direct opposite show up almost immediately?

Fundamentalist christians call it "satan" or "the enemy", other people call it "karma" or "bad luck" or "I suck" or "God hates me". From now on,I'm just going to think of it as the wrong end of my stick. And I'm going to get out my little pocket knife and carve out an image of Ganesh on both ends of that stick and call it my magic wand for the manifestation of joy.

michelle said...

That's a great analogy. It reminds me of a counselor I once had that said.....there once was a counselor who had a patient that kept having problems with her mother. The more she tried to solve them, the more problems came up and the more difficult the situation became. The counselor said, "Ma'am, I want you to take one end of this rope and pull as hard as you can. Try to get the rope out of my hands. So, he took hold of the rope and the patient took the other end. She worked really hard pulling and tugging and getting out of breath, even going so far as to brace herself against his desk with her legs and pulled that way. When she seemed to be struggling about as hard as she could, her counselor dropped his end of the rope and she fell flat on her behind. The woman jumped up, angry, and demanded an explanation. "The problem is, the more you fight your mother, the worse the situation becomes. You must drop your end of the rope. It might be a jarring experience, because you have used all your might to hold on to it and pull it in the direction you believe it should go. If you are not pulling on it, your mother cannot either." I like shows the polarity between what we want to control and the reality of the way things are. The harder we fight to make things the way we want them, the tighter our rope becomes. If we drop our end of the rope....and just accept what comes with a positive attitude, then we would probably find things a lot easier. Easier said than done, of course. But visualization is a good step towards action! Giving thigs over to Ganesh is like 'dropping our end of the rope,' only here as we are trying to control everything coming into our lives we are forcing the good things to stay out because there is no room with the pulling and struggling. I like the peace in this meditative process....because it doesn't have clingy ties to what you want, it is only dropping the negative energy so Ganesh and God and the Universe can push that positive flow your direction.

Two Feathers said...

I made us something really cool this afternoon. We now have a guestbook! You can find the link to it over in the left sidebar in the "About this project" section just under "recommended reading".

It's cool. Don't be shy. Upload a picture and introduce yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a swastika sign on the hand?

Two Feathers said...

In answer to the question about the swastika, I have posted some in depth information about that symbol and what it means.

shirley said...

I am really enjoying our discussions here this month. They have been so helpful to me. I have been having a huge pity party this morning, and then I checked out the comments on the "praying to Ganesh" post.. and KAPOW!! I got nailed. It was awesome and illuminating. Thank you Michelle and Melissa.

By the way, are you guys going to sign in to our guest book? You don't have to use an actual picture of yourself you know. You can use a "wanna be" picture, or even a picture of something you just like. Heck.. You could put up an image of a hot fudge sunday... or the dog next door... LOL

shirley said...

well I did a really cool ganesh/gypsy magic hybrid ceremony/prayer/spell. It felt really good. I am posting it over at the "ganesh prayers" post because it seems appropriate for it to be there. I think it's working too because it is beginning to look like I might even have running water in the next week or two.

shirley said...

Well, Ganesh certainly seems to be working for me. I am having this idea of like total surrender... new for me.. and it seems to be working out in a good way. I think my water will end up being fixed by the end of the week, and several other things are going to be taken care of because I have had a miracle. So I am in awe.

Also, my art is going to be on a book cover - no money for me, but lots of satisfaction and it might generate some art sales at Green Dolphin. So that's cool too.

Have you guys been reading the quotes we have been getting from Zaadz? They constantly change, and I have read several really good ones.. One was something to the effect of "hold up the sail with your strong arm" meaning that sometimes you have to go with what is working best.. or something like that.. the quote itself was way better than my half chewed rememberance of it... and then today I saw another one and I was going write it down but it flittered out of my mind before I had a chance.

Anyway that's my news.. what's up with you guys?

Two Feathers said...

Hi guys, well, they are buried at the bottom of the page, but I put up 2 new posts. One on Grace, and one about why sometimes prayer isn't answered, or obstacles are not removed. They were really helpful to me, so you might want to go take a look. Also, today's "daily om" on "intention and intuition" looks interesting and I'm going to go check that out.

Two Feathers said...

Hey guys, I added another post, Hymn to Ganesha It's a vedic hymn to Ganesh. Reciting it every day is supposed to really strengthen your relationship with Ganesh.

Melissa J. said...

We closed on our new house yesterday, so we are officially homeowners now!
This Prosperity Project has helped me in so many ways. I am using bits and pieces from each month's project as needed. When we started looking for a house a couple of months ago, I wrote down on a red piece of paper (from our Feng Shui month - to energize it) everything I wanted in a house, and I stuck the piece of paper on the spindle from Gypsy Magic, which I placed in my Prosperity area. When we went to see this house, I took the flyer from the house showing and stuck it on the spindle too once we decided it's the one we wanted. I made an aluminum foil envelope and put the names of the real estate agents, the builder, and the mortgage broker inside, and I put that in my Helpful People area. And I called Silent Unity a couple of times for prayers for divine order with the whole transaction. I have been chanting the Gum mantra all this month, and I know it has cleared away any obstacles for us. So I can truly attest that the projects we are doing really work!

shirley said...

Congratulations Melissa! That's just awesome. Pretty soon it will be time for our garage sale.

I was talking to Daniel the other night, and he was saying that he was beginning to really "feel" the effects of the Ganesh mantra, and he was wondering if it really was the mantra, or if it was the cumulative effects of all the work we have been doing so far.

I have learned so much with this project, and I also am using bits and pieces of everything we have done up til now.

Probably it's about time to begin thinking about what we want to do next month.

My suggestions are: 1. A gratitude journal, 2. Using everything we have learned so far to try to win the lottery, 3. The million dollar experiment (found at, or 4. Deepack Chopra's abundance book

What do you guys think?

Two Feathers said...

I have been adding pages here and there, if you scroll down you will find a nifty image of ganesh that explains all the various symbolism. It makes for some real food for thought, you might want to check that out.

I am still working on the 108 names of Ganesh. I think it's going to take me 108 days... LOL... I have been working on it for 3 weeks now... 108 is a lot of names, and I have a mantra for each one, and an explanation of the meaning of it.. so it's really cool, but it's also really complicated because I am trying to marry information from 3 different sources and they all use different words for the names.. when I get it completed, I will let you guys know.

I'm sure you've noticed our question of the day post. I didn't enable comments on it, but am using a button instead because the question of the day is acutally a separate blog, mirror image of this one, and I thought it might be a good way to talk to each other, help each other, and stimulate some good conversation.

If you have any questions that you would like to put up for the "question of the day".. or if you just have a question today that you'd like some input on, click on the link and go for it.

Life is so much easier when you have other people in it with you. So, with that in mind, even if you don't personally have a question, it might be nice to take a look and see if your input might be helpful.

I plan to put a permanent link to "ask a question" - probably over below the "200 things" in our ongoing projects section. If you have a question that you think would be a good one for the question of the day, you can either post it there (with an explanation that it's an idea for a post), or email it to me.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing. Suddenly I had an epipheny and I felt so many obstacles lifted. I realize how life is so short but when you finally have found your niche,where you can have your greatness life becomes so much fuller!

Melissa J. said...

I vote for the Million Dollar Experiment! I looked at Steve Pavlina's site and the affirmation we would be using is great! How cool would it be for all of us to become millionaires! :)

Shirley said...

I was talking to Michelle today, and she said she liked the idea of the million dollar xperiment too.

I personally am willing to go along with whatever every one else wants to do.

Anonymous said...

Jai Shree Ganesh Ji!

Whatever the difficulties you face in life, never lose faith in God.

Jai Shree Ganesh Ji!

Anonymous said...

My life totally changed when i started praying ganesha..he is really wonderful god..shree ganeshay namah

Anonymous said...

Its my personal experience..i request u all start your day with ganesha prayer and yourself see the miracle of ganesha.
om gum ganapataye namah

Unknown said...

Ganpati dada is the best have faith on him leave evrything on him. He will help us all for sure..I am going through some rough time people please pray for me in your prayers.

Anonymus said...

Ganpati dada is the best have faith on him leave evrything on him. He will help us all for sure..I am going through some rough time people please pray for me in your prayers.

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