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The Science of Getting Rich - Project Overview

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here is an overview of our project on The Science of Getting Rich.This post provides links to pertinent aspects of this project, so that you won't have to sift through the archives.


If you are interested in the book, it can be found at Amazon through this link: The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles. If you are curious about the results that we experienced, you can read the comments here: How did we do?. If you'd like to read a short summary of the teachings in the book, you'll find it here: Summary of the Science of Getting Rich. And if you are curious as to why we chose this particular project, you can read The Challenge, which is actually the preface to the book itself.

Generally our projects are limited to 30 days, however, this one was an exception. We decided to work through the book, taking it in small daily doses until it was done. If you would like to try this project for yourself, it is recommended that you start on Day One - The Right to be Rich and then continue on through reading and working on each post in order. You will find complete listing of the day by day links at the bottom of this post.

This is an active blog, and if you post, we will notice and reply.. and give you the benefit of our own experience and our support if it seems pertinent or appropriate. Feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, results, joys and disappointments as you go. Even though we love you, comment spam is deleted when discovered. Anonymous posting is discouraged, but if you have problems with the comment box, feel free to use that option.

For this project we also have a slide show and gallery archive of the complete collection of Castle Desktop Wallpapers.

We do have a recommended reading list if you are interested in expanding your understanding. I don't know how up to date it is, but there are a lot of really good books listed. Feel free to add titles and authors that you would recommend. There is also a collection of our favorite affirmations, prayers, poems, and etc. Or you can just go to Way Cool Quotes and find a bunch more.

As promised, here is the complete listing of all the posts for our Science of Getting Rich project:
  1. The Challenge
  2. The Science of Getting Rich - Will it work for us?...
  3. The Right to be Rich
  4. Three Motives For Which We Live
  5. Like Causes Always Produce Like Effects
  6. No One is Prevented From Getting Rich
  7. Is Opportunity Monopolized?
  8. Poverty is Unnecessary
  9. The First Principle of the Science of Getting Rich...
  10. Three Fundamental Propositions
  11. The Hardest Work
  12. A First Step Toward Getting Rich
  13. Increasing Life
  14. It Matters What You Want
  15. Something to Remember
  16. How Riches Come To You
  17. What if you're the boss?
  18. If you want a sewing machine...
  19. The Desire You Feel
  20. A Clear Picture
  21. Gratitude
  22. You Are What You Think About
  23. Thinking In A Certain Way
  24. Something More Is Necessary
  25. How to Use the Will
  26. Being Positive
  27. Forget About Poverty
  28. Further use of the Will
  29. The Noblest Aim
  30. Another Thing
  31. The Basic Facts
  32. Acting in the Certain Way
  33. Do Not...
  34. Summing Up So Far
  35. Efficient Action
  36. Power in Action
  37. More On Doing
  38. Getting Into The Right Business
  39. Desire is Power
  40. About Mistakes
  41. The Impression of Increase
  42. Beware the Competitive Mind
  43. The Advancing Man
  44. To Secure Advancement
  45. Opportunities Will Come
  46. Social Change
  47. Some Cautions
  48. About Failure
  49. In Conclusion
  50. Summary of the Science of Getting Rich
  51. How did we do?
  52. Castle Wallpapers


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