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Friday, March 06, 2009

You cannot retain a true and clear vision of wealth if you are constantly turning your attention to opposing pictures, whether they be external or imaginary.

Do not tell of your past troubles of a financial nature, if you have had them; do not think of them at all. Do not tell of the poverty of your parents, or the hardships of your early life; to do any of these things is to mentally class yourself with the poor for the time being, and it will certainly check the movement of things in your direction.

"Let the dead bury their dead," as Jesus said.

Put poverty and all things that pertain to poverty completely behind you.

You have accepted a certain theory of the universe as being correct, and are resting all your hopes of happiness on its being correct; and what can you gain by giving heed to conflicting theories?

Do not read religious books which tell you that the world is soon coming to an end; and do not read the writings of muck-rakers and pessimistic philosophers who tell you that it is going to the devil.

The world is not going to the devil; it is going to God.

It is a wonderful Becoming!

True, there may be a good many things in existing conditions which are disagreeable; but what is the use of studying them when they are certainly passing away, and when the study of them only tends to check their passing and keep them with us? Why give time and attention to things which are being removed by evolutionary growth, when you can hasten their removal only by promoting the evolutionary growth as far as your part of it goes?

No matter how horrible in seeming may be the conditions in certain countries, sections, or places, you waste your time and destroy your own chances by considering them.

You should interest yourself in the world's becoming rich.

Think of the riches the world is coming into, instead of the poverty it is growing out of; and bear in mind that the only way in which you can assist the world in growing rich is by growing rich yourself through the creative method - not the competitive one.

Give your attention wholly to riches; ignore poverty.

Whenever you think or speak of those who are poor, think and speak of them as those who are becoming rich; as those who are to be congratulated rather than pitied. Then they and others will catch the inspiration, and begin to search for the way out.

From: The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles

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Any thoughts or ideas?


Anonymous said...

easier said than done. what do you do when the bill collectors are calling? when unpaid bills are piling up? when there "appears" to be no money for food this week? what then?????

Anonymous said...

Good questions. And you're right. It is WAY easier said than done. Which got me thinking and pushed me into "advice mode" - so here's something to consider - since what you think about comes to you - and since you wouldn't be visiting this project if you were rolling in money - or maybe you would? I dunno... Anyway, stuff is sure to happen, so maybe it would be a good idea to have a plan already in mind for what you will do when things aren't looking so good.

I personally tend to get caught up in the OH NO! drama - the fear - the angst - and the agony...

But I was thinking, since you asked the question, that this might be a great way to use what we've already learned... for example... bills that can't be paid showing up in the mail? search the gypsy magic project and do a bill banishing spell. Having a bad day and freaking out? visit the gratitude or the Ho'oponopono projects. Feeling full of fear? visit some of the posts on God First, or (if you're really really freaking out) call for prayer. Can't get gloom and doom thoughts out of your mind? do the ganesh mantra instead.

I know this sounds like a kind of a sales pitch for the prosperity project itself - but it's what occured to me... and I think I'm going to try it for myself. I woke up this morning worried about money, and now I'm going to do something different than that. Change my focus from "OH MY GOD!" to "OK... then I'll try this"

So - thanks!!

Anonymous said...

It IS tricky! I think the reason it's tough for me is that this is still a pretty new concept. I've spent so many years living in "Oh shit!" mode that if I'm going to be honest with myself, change is going to take work and commitment! I'm programmed to feel uneasy about seeing that bill in the mail. I agree with Shirley! Go back and pick some of the projects that appeal to you. Put a few on index cards and carry them around (I've been meaning to do this). I like the Prosperity Game:

I can't remember if I found that on here or elsewhere. Anyway, surround yourself with these tools ALL THE TIME. Take care of the bills and correspondence necessary in a matter-of-fact way. Do it quickly and treat it as if you were doing it as a job for someone else. Be professional, you would not say "OH MY GOD!" at work, would you? Remove yourself from it personally. Then, after unemotionally taking care of business...take time to dream and create in your head what you DO want! When I do channel my Great Grandpa, he will say, "Hear me now. Create now. Tell me what you see." And encourage me to do this very thing. I will sit down to talk to him in order to bitch and moan and he stops me in my tracks and urges me to change that energy. It only takes a slight shift to move from whining to prayer for what you want. There are days when this is really tough and I dwell on all the challenges. I'm trying to learn CORRECTION of thought, "Ok Karla..yep you were really thinking about how long it is until payday and how little there is in your wallet..Sorry Universe! Forgive me for that error in my thinking! Thanks for being patient with me as learn here! Let's see..lets change that around.." And then I consciously CHOOSE to abandon that thought and replace it with a new one. I'm not perfect and it may take me awhile to get the hang of this, but I know that our CHOICES are what sparks energy for change. So don't panic, forgive yourself for being human, surrender and look towards the sun and smile.

Oh, and next time I'm having a crappy time of it, I hope you will give me advice on how YOU are coping!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Interestingly - after I whipped out that blithe bit of advice, I got a notice in the mail that I'd bounced a check and my account balance was MINUS 220.00, and then when I started my car it was making a bad noise and vibrating alot, and I remembered that I was probably going to have to have my central air unit repaired before summer... and the list just kept growing and growing and growing...

Then I got to work and my car started acting normal again, and it occured to me that I just needed to stay in the NOW moment - doing what was in front of me to do - and letting the future and the past take care of themselves. Not putting any thought into anything other than what was right there right now.

And that worked fairly well... led to several aha moments which I don't have time to share right now, but which I will be sharing at some point soon.

And I got a check from Google - which was a surprise and nice - some of my blogs do actually make a little bit of money from time to time.... and my bonus at work on saturday was a whopping $50 which was also really nice - and unexpected... and I decided that just for today, life is good.

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