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Wrapping things up

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This is the last day of our Ganesh project. So how did we do?

* Did you enjoy working with the Ganesh mantra?
* Which mantra did you use? the long or short form?
* Did you use and enjoy the slide show as a meditational tool?
* Were the goals you set in the beginning achieved?
* Did you make progress?
* How would you rate this months project? successful? unsuccessful? a toss up?
* What, if anything, did you learn about yourself during the course of these last 30 days?
* What was your favorite part of this project?
* Your least favorite part?
* Is there anything you would like to suggest to make our future projects more interesting, informative, interactive, etc?
* Any other comments?


Shirley Twofeathers said...

I thoroughly enjoyed working this project, finding the images, creating the slide show, looking for affiliate sites, and I even enjoyed working on the 108 names of Ganesh, even though it did take me forever to finish it. It is now completed and if you look you will find it.

What I am planning to do to enhance our site is to do a complete remake of the site. I plan to keep the "look" and the "images" but I am going to upgrade the template to the blogger 2 style which will be easier for me to work with.

One of the things I plan to incorporate is a listing of recent comments. That way, we'll all know who commented recently and it will be easy to go and look at what they said and where they said it. I have been noticing that comments sometimes get buried and then are overlooked pretty easily.

The plan is to get the blog upgraded during the next week - so if you log in and things look screwy or strange or if you can't pull the page up at all, it just means that I am working away at it.

Blessings and love to you all.
Om Ganapati Om.

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy the Ganesh mantra quite a bit. I used the long form and spent at least 10 minutes every day with it. I used the slide show a lot, and often spent 20 minutes spacing out with it, saying the mantra, and enjoying the images.

I can't even remember what my goals were in the beginning, but I do think I made a lot of progress. I had some huge challenges, what with my water pipes freezing and breaking, and that whole deal.

However, I got some really really good help, and was able to get the plumbing fixed, my dog operated on, my car maintenanced, and it also looks like I will be able to get new shoes, and a dryer. Not only that, but I have had lots of opportunities to make extra money flying at me hot and heavy over the last 2 weeks.

Also I have some good help with my financial disaster, and am working at a fiscal recovery plan and so things really are looking great for me.

I would rate my experience with Ganesh as a rousing success, and I plan to continue to use the slide show as a meditational tool, and also the mantra.

I probably learned a lot about myself, but right now I can't think of what that would be.

My favorite part by far was the slide show. I am also enjoying the question of the day. And I thought the guest book was fun. I am slso working at the 200 things (declutter) project as well.

There.. I have blabbered on and on long enough...

So how was it for everyone else?

Melissa J. said...

I enjoyed the Ganesh mantra. I used both the long and the short versions of it. I mostly repeated the mantra while I was in my car driving around, but I also used it at work when no one else was around. I did not use the slide show - I really didn't have time to meditate this month, so I just kept an ongoing prayer in my heart and used the mantra along with my other favorite affirmations. I don't remember setting any specific goals in the beginning, but the mantra did help us get through the mortgage process as smoothly as possible. Yes, I would say we made progress! We closed on the house and are living here now! I would definitely say this month's project was a success. I don't know what I learned about myself - but Kurt and I are sure having fun with the new house! I guess I learned that I can have more than I thought I could. I didn't really have a favorite or least favorite part of this project since it was so simple. After doing a couple of months of time-consuming projects, it was great to do one that was so easy!

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