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Day Ten: Internet resource sharing day

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here is a list of websites that we find useful.

Two Feathers recommends:

Art Deadline: I found lots of good ideas and opportunities here. It's a good jumping off place if you are looking to promote your original art.

Hoover Web Design: Lots of really good information about website design and how to optimize and tweak your web pages. This is a great resource that I use all the time.

Auction Supplies: This site has a cool color picker and some eBay auction templates.

ProBlogger: the Blog that helps bloggers to add income streams to their blogs. My name is Darren Rowse and I’m a full time Blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium from blogs.

5 Star Affiliate Programs: represents a select group of high paying, high integrity affiliate programs. Some of 5 Star affiliates make over $10K per month. Most 5 Star programs offer *FREE datafeeds* and we also datafeed tools that help partners build custom, content-rich pages or complete sites filled with thousands of products quickly and easily.

John Chow dot Com: The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com MogulThe following is a list of the Internet’s eight biggest Google AdSense publishers. The information was compiled from interviews and articles found on the Internet. Very interesting and intriguing.

The Inspiration Gallery: where you'll find thousands of unique and original borders, backgrounds, wallpaper patterns, buttons and more. If you are designing your own website or blog, this site is a huge resource. Awesome.

Zero Cash, A Little Talent and 30 Days: "The idea is to try to setup some type of business in my free time and see if I can start to turn a profit in a 30 day period. That shouldn't be too hard, since I'm also going to limit myself to spending zero cash out of pocket. That means that any sales at all will be profit." A very interesting blog, and the catalyst that propelled me into "The Prosperity Project" and my other blogs.

Firdamatic™: If you are looking to create your own customised template for your blog, this is a cool tool that is really easy to use.

I Work in My Pajamas: This is my favorite work at home website. I go here all the time to get ideas about affiliate marketing, websites, and how to make money in my spare time on my computer.

vflyer: "Post Classified Ads Quickly and Easily for FREE. Create "Virtual" Online Flyers - Now with Customizable Themes." A great little site, makes it really easy to make a professional looking flyer to advertise whatever it is that you want to sell.

Melissa recommends:

I subscribe to a sweepstakes newsletter at I highly recommend it!

For writing tips, I like Jane Espenson's blog at She is a working writer and executive producer who gives great advice.

I also use to find out what types of scripts are being sought currently. It's a great meeting place for producers to find writers and vice-versa. This site averages eight scripts optioned or sold EVERY WEEK!

Michelle recommends:

I used Bravenet for both my kids homeshool website and The Art of Being an Artist site which isn't up yet. (

I used for things such as buttons and graphics and textures.

For than email flyer I created, I used, and downloaded their free software. All these things were simple and easy even for a blonde like me, and totally free. (which I have been accused of, but I swear it isn't true.)

Shirley recommends:

I have been checking out, where you can get paid for blogging about specific products.. this might be especially good for Melissa and Cindy who both have an interest in the travel biz.. you could blog about travel and get paid for posting at the same time and attract potential clients all at the same time..

What about you?

What are your favorite useful sites? Where do you go to find great information that is specific to your projects and goals? Are you looking for information or tools and don't know where to find it? Let's share our internet resources.


Shirley Twofeathers said...

This is great. What I have decided to do with this post is to make it one of our "ongoing projects" and I'm going to put a link to it on the sidebar.

As you guys add internet resources, I'll go through and add them to the main post. Then, as I add in the links, I'll delete the posts so that important information doesn't get lost in a long comment list.

Also I thought that we could post questions about where to find the best information/resources/etc.. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Here's a good site with lots of feng shui tips.

Anonymous said...

Hello Two Feathers

I'm very much delighted to have found you and your blogs.I see you're heading in the same direction as I am:living the spiritual life and selling art on the net. I found you on widgetbox and followed your trails here and saw that you also left footprints on cafepress, etsy, and all the rest. Would love to connect.
Check out my old site (am about to create my own blog with the wordpress software).
And here are some of the sites I use or am looking into right now:

P.S. I'm also Native American. I am Embera from Colombia.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hello Embera,

Thank you for the links you shared. I'll be taking a look at your site today.

If you would like to join our little project, we would be delighted to have you.


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