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Friday, October 31, 2008


Have a safe and happy Halloween!

While we wait...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

gilbert williams

While we wait for the results of our Angelic Assistance project to post, I thought I'd take some time to talk about our next project. I'm thinking that it might be a great idea to work on our "self talk" about money, bills, debt, finances, work, prosperity, and the good in life.

We all have old tapes that run in our heads - automatic thinking that we probably don't even notice. I wondered if it would be helpful to get to work on those old tapes and teach ourselves new ways to think about money, and begin to put different "spins" on limiting beliefs and ideas.

I'd love it if everyone who "worked" the Angel project would post your results, thoughts, and ideas. On Monday, I'll be compiling the Angelic Assistance Overview, and I'd like for it to reflect the experiences of our group as a whole, not just a few of us. Don't be shy about posting results... and don't hesitate to speak your mind.

Angel Quotes

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wow - I found a treasure trove of angel quotes! Even though the Angelic Assistance project is complete, I did want to post them, so here they are!

angel quotes

We feel isolated and lonely, and it's not necessary. Each of us has a guardian angel who works with us as much as we will allow.
~Eileen Elias Freeman, Angelic Healing

...but we all are men, in our own natures frail, and capable of our flesh; few are angels...
~William Shakespeare, King Henry VIII

God assures us that his angels are always nearby, ready to help. This is what matters.
~Timothy Jones, Celebration of Angels

Angels (it's said) would be often unable to tell whether they moved among living or dead. The eternal torrent whirls all the ages through either realm for ever, and sounds above their voices in both.
~Rainer Marie Rilke, The First Elegy

Smells are the fallen angels of the senses.
~Helen Keller

There is, therefore, a more perfect intellectual life in the angels. In them the intellect does not proceed to self-knowledge from anything exterior, but knows itself through itself.
~St. Thomas Aquinas

"I believe most at-home accidents happen in the bathroom because our Guardian Angels give us our privacy".
~Cathy L. Poulin

And whoever disbelieves in God and his angels and his books and his messengers and the last day, he indeed strays far away.
~The Koran

It is impossible to see the Angel unless you first have a notion of it.
~James Hillman, The Soul's Code

For he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.
~Psalm 91:11

So far as the Angels are recipients of that spiritual heat and light they are loves and wisdoms, not loves and wisdoms for themselves, but from the Lord.
~Emanuel Swedenborg

Keep your good deeds for others a secret, just as your Angel works behind the scenes in your own life.
~Eileen Elias Freeman, The Angels' Little Instruction Book

An Angel can illumine the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision, and by bringing within his reach some truth which the Angel himself contemplates.
~St. Thomas Aquinas, The Bliss of the Way

Few people realize the profound part angelic forces play in human events.
~Billy Graham

To see the angel in the malady requires an eye for the invisible, a certain blinding of one eye and an opening of the other to elsewhere.
~James Hillman, The Soul's Code

Every man contemplates an angel in his future self.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Perhaps children's innocence, wherever it comes from, contributes to the fact that they seem to see angels more often.
~John Ronner, Know Your Angels

Give of yourself as the Angels do, and wonderful things will come to you.
~Ramadan, 1

And whoever disbelieves in God and his angels and his books and his messengers and the last day, he indeed strays far away.
~The Koran 4:36

I have seen a thousand times that Angels are human form, or men, for I have conversed with them as man to man, sometimes with one alone, sometimes with many in company.
~Emanuel Swedenborg

God does not deal directly with man: it is by means of spirits that all the intercourse and communication of gods with men, both in waking life and in sleep, is carried on.

Be an angel to someone else whenever you can, as a way of thanking God for the help your angel has given you.
~Eileen Elias Freeman, The Angels' Little Instruction Book

If some people really see angels where others see only empty space, let them paint the angels: only let not anybody else think they can paint an angel too, on any calculated principles of the angelic.
~John Ruskin

What know we of the Blest above but that they sing, and that they love?
~William Wordsworth

So in a voice, so in a shapeless flame, Angels affect us oft, and worshipped be.
~John Donne

For every soul, there is a guardian watching it.
~The Koran

If you wish success in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counsellor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian angel.
~Joseph Addision

All we know of what they do above, is that they happy are, and that they love.
~Edmund Waller

He will give his angels charge of you, to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.
~Psalm 91:10-11

Our human weakness is protected by the assistance of the Angels and… in all our perils, provided faith remain with us, we are defended by the aid of spiritual powers.
~Gregory Nyssa

The benevolent guardian angel of the 1940s was, of course, Superman. While a cloak replaced the wings, this expression of the all powerful guardian archetype, who battled the evil dragons of satanic violence, greed and injustice, replaced the Archangel Michael in the popular imagination.
~Malcolm Godwin, Angels: An Endangered Species

We not only live among men, but there are airy hosts, blessed spectators, sympathetic lookers-on, that see and know and appreciate our thoughts and feelings and acts.
~Henry Ward Beecher

Angels are not merely forms of extraterrestrial intelligence. They are forms of extra-cosmic intelligence.
~Mortimer J. Adler, The Angels and Us

Angels come to help and guide us in as many guises as there are people who need their assistance. Sometimes we see their ethereal, heavenly shadow, bright with light and radiance. Sometimes we only feel their nearness or hear their whisper. And sometimes they look no different from ourselves...
~Eileen Elias Freeman, Touched by Angels

If then we have Angels, let us be sober, as though we were in the presence of tutors; for there is a demon present also.
~St. John Chrysostom

Experiences with Angels do not occur to people by chance. There is a sort of run-up to the experience.
~H.C. Moolenburgh, Meetings With Angels

In the case of those who are making progress from good to better, the good angel touches the soul gently, lightly, sweetly, as a drop of water enters a sponge, while the evil spirit touches it sharply, with noise and disturbance, like a drop of water falling on a rock.
~St. Ignatius of Loyola

Contemporary Angel accounts are frequently about unpredictable encounters that have personal significance in the lives of otherwise average people. Most accounts involve some wonderful or mysterious being who appeared when most needed and who was usually only recognized as an Angel in retrospect.
~Ruth J. Moro, Angels in Our Midst

It is often stated that when an Angel descends to the earth, it brings with it a part of the light of the heavens, thus perhaps explaining the strong association of white to represent that light.
~James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver, Angels A to Z

Through the 13th century, paintings of Angels exhibit a predominantly masculine appearance. Over the next 300 years, their images become more delicate, gentle, and feminine, until Angels are shown as androgynous or even distinctly female.
~David Connolly, In Search of Angels

One thing is clear: Angels are far more than projections of the divine mind or literary devices. They are real, personal beings, even if their corporeality is totally different from ours.
~Eileen Elias Freeman, Touched by Angels

The Angel is one of those Articles of Faith as unshakable as our belief in the existence of God, an atom, or the ill luck of the number 13.
~Malcolm Godwin, Angels: An Endangered Species

One thing you can say for Guardian Angels: they guard. They give warning when danger approaches.
~Emily Hahn, Breath of God

I am one of you and being one of you is being and knowing what I am and know. Yet I am the necessary Angel of earth, since, in my sight, you see the earth again...
~Wallace Stevens, Angel Surrounded by Paysans

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.
~G. K. Chesterton

Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an Angel.
~St. Augustine

Angels are our true and trusty servants, performing offices and works that one poor miserable mendicant would be ashamed to do for another.
~Martin Luther, The Table Talk of Martin Luther

And the Angel said, "I have learned that every man lives, not through care of himself, but by love."
~Leo Tolstoy

Angels encourage us by guiding us onto a path that will lead to happiness and hope.
~Andy Lakey

Angels are principally the guardians of our spirits. Their function is not to do our work for us, but to help us do it ourselves, by God's grace.
~Eileen Elias Freeman, The Angels' Little Instruction Book

Angels can maintain anonymity as long as they need to, pretending to be mortal when the occasion calls for such a masquerade.
~Emily Hahn, Breath of God

Angels are able to know and understand better than the human intellect can, precisely because such knowledge and understanding comes to them by way of ideas infused in them by God.
~Mortimer Adler

Remember, Angels are both God's messengers and God's message, witnesses to eternity in time, to the presence of the divine amidst the ordinary. Every moment of every day is riddled by their traces.
~F. Forrester Church, Entertaining Angels

Let your holy Angel have charge concerning us, that the wicked one have no power over us.
~Martin Luther

Gabriel is a unique archangel in the sense that it is almost certain that she is the only female in the higher echelons.
~James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver, Angels A to Z

Angels speak. They appear and reappear. They feel with apt sense of emotion. While Angels may become visible by choice, our eyes are not conducted to see them ordinarily any more than we can see the dimensions of a nuclear field, the structure of atoms, or the electricity that flows through copper wiring.
~Billy Graham, Angels: God's Secret Agents

The traditional Christian belief is that eternal God was alone in the beginning. Then, He created Angels, next the universe, and finally, humankind. However, some early Jewish writers thought that God creates Angels every time He breathes.
~John Ronner, Know Your Angels

Let your holy Angel have charge concerning us, that the wicked one have no power over us.
~Martin Luther

The entire hierarchy of Angels can best be described as an endlessly vast sphere of beings who surround an unknowable centerpoint which is called God.
~Malcolm Godwin, Angels: An Endangered Species

Angels walk upright, speak Hebrew, and are endowed with understanding; they can fly in the air, move from one end of the world to another, and foretell the future. They have the shape of man, but consist half of fire and half of water.
~Encyclopedia Judaica

Whether each of the faithful has a particular angel assigned him for his defence, I cannot venture certainly to affirm; not one angel only has the care of every one of us, but that all the angels together with one consent watch over our salvation.
~John Calvin

A shiver runs down your spine when you realize it is not our imagination. Something is watching us out there.
~Sophy Burnham, A Book of Angels

The wisdom of the ages teaches that each individual, whether believer or not, good or bad, old or young, sick or well, rich or poor, has a personal Guardian Angel with him or her at every moment of life's journey.
~Janice T. Connell, Angel Power

Angels are intelligent reflections of light, that original light which has no beginning. They can illuminate. They do not need tongues or ears, for they can communicate without speech, in thought.
~John of Damascus

I saw Gabriel, like a maiden, or like the moon amongst the stars. His hair was like a woman's, falling in long tresses...He is the most beautiful of Angels...His face is like a red rose.
~Ruzbehan Baqli

Our certainty that angels right now witness how we are walking through life should mightily influence the decisions we make. God is watching, and His angels are interested spectators too.
~Billy Graham

Heaven comes to people - and their loved ones - when they are dying. It is not uncommon for angels to appear when people are on the edge of death, and people who have had near-death experiences often describe feelings of indescribable peace. Angels.
~Gary Kinnaman, Angels Dark and Light

The virtue of angels is that they cannot deteriorate; their flaw is that they cannot improve. Man's flaw is that he can deteriorate; and his virtue is that he can improve.
~The Talmud

Somehow the Angels comfort me whenever I have tears...And always they encourage me to overcome my fears...I tell them all of my troubles when they seem too much to bear...And I put my faith and confidence in their almighty care...
~Martina Tarandek, "Angels' Prayer"

A person is disposed to an act of choice by an angel in two ways. Sometimes, a man's understanding is enlightened by an angel to know what is good, but it is not instructed as to the reason why. But sometimes he is instructed by angelic illumination, both that this act is good and as to the reason why it is good.
~St. Thomas Aquinas

The higher orders [of angels] are presumed to be closer in their nature to God and to function in roles that serve God more directly than the lower orders, which tend to the administration of the physical universe and the service of humankind. Some orders are associated with particular divine qualities - Seraphim with Love, Cherubim with Wisdom, Thrones with Judgment.
~David Connolly, In Search of Angels

May the Archangel Raphael accompany us along the way, and may we return to our homes in peace, joy, and health.
~Catholic prayer

But angels help us remember, when the urgencies screaming for attention make us forget, when we feel so estranged by stress or worldliness that we miss the many-splendoured things. They remind us to look beyond our everyday circumstance or stress.
~Timothy Jones, Celebration of Angels

Angels belong to a uniquely different dimension of creation which we, limited to the natural order, can scarcely comprehend.
~Billy Graham

Most people in the deepest part of their memory, hold the angels in great esteem.
~John T. Connell, Angel Power

Greater association with the Angels lifts our minds from ourselves and focuses them upon ways and means by which we too may assist in establishing God's Plan.
~Flower A. Newhouse, Rediscovering the Angels

Angels are spirits, but it is not because they are spirits that they are angels. They become Angels when they are sent. For the name Angel refers to their office, not their nature. You ask the name of this nature, it is spirit; you ask its office, it is that of an Angel, which is a messenger.
~St. Augustine

When humans face testings and tragedy, they should remember the Angels who are always standing ready to lend their celestial assistance, comfort, and counsel.
~Flower A. Newhouse, Rediscovering the Angels

Angel Energy follows God's Laws and can only be used for the greatest good for all.
~Belinda Womack, Angels Guide

How do you know if an angel has crossed your path? Sometimes you don't, because angels often appear as coincidences. That is, they seem like chance events, but they are really part of God's carefully orchestrated plan for your life.
~Gary Kinnaman, Angels Dark and Light

Angels can help us understand what intuition means in a personal way. Angels are actually in charge of a large part of our intuitive self. Viewing intuition from the perspective of angel consciousness, we can say that intuition is our way of tapping into a higher power for guidance and awareness.
~Terry Lynn Taylor, Guardians of Hope

So far we still don't know whether angels are ethereal beings of light without substance or if they take a solid human form with real wings which actually enable them to fly.
~Malcolm Godwin, Angels: An Endangered Species

Whatever you put your attention on in this life will increase in your life. As you put your attention on angels, they will begin increasingly to make their presence known to you.
~Denise Linn, Sacred Space

Angels are the dispensers and administrators of the divine beneficence toward us. They regard our safety, undertake our defense, direct our ways, and exercise a constant solicitude that no evil befall us.
~John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion

Have you ever considered that, just perhaps, the reason you have gotten as far as you have is because of the invisible work of anonymous Angels? Good strangers in the night?
~Gary Kinnaman, Angels Dark and Light

You don't need a formal prayer or invocation to call the Angels to your side. Simply think, "Angels, please surround me," and they are there.
~Doreen Virtue, Divine Guidance

He who has fed a stranger may have fed an Angel.
~The Talmud

God created the Angels to serve Him and His people. If there is anything we can learn from the Bible about Angels, it's that they are real. Angels exist.
~Gary Kinnaman, Angels Dark and Light

Remember, angels are both God's messengers and God's message, witnesses to eternity in time, to the presence of the divine amidst the ordinary. Every moment of every day is riddled by their traces.
~F. Forrester Church, Entertaining Angels

But we can all be angels to one another. We can choose to obey the still small stirring within, the little whisper that says, "Go. Ask. Reach out. Be an answer to someone's plea. You have a part to play. Have faith." The world will be a better place for it. And wherever they are, the angels will dance.
~Joan Wester Anderson, Where Angels Walk

Guardian angels are perhaps the most popular kind, probably because we all know how fragile life can be. We desperately need protection from unexpected circumstances and unseen dangers. Just the thought of good angels hovering around us gives people a feeling of safety!
~Gary Kinnaman, Angels Dark and Light

When we are overcome by some evil will, should we not tremble before the presence of the choirs of angels that surround us?
~St. Hilary

Angels live no place, as God lives no place. They live in the space of eternity, in the center of our hearts, and sometimes I think we each serve as the channels and angels of God, touched by wings of silence, pushed to angelic acts.
~Sophy Burnham, A Book of Angels

The minute you speak to your angel for the first time, you will never be alone again, because our angels are always with us. No matter where you are as you read this, you are surrounded by angels. Your room, your office, your garden, are filled with angelic presences.
~Eileen Elias Freeman, Angelic Healing

Angels play a very active role in the purposes of God and the affairs of men, but do not control human events or violate the free will of human beings.
~Gary Kinnaman, Angels Dark and Light

Angels are inseparable friends, who bring strength and consolation to those who include them in their lives. In truth, angels are our best friends.
~Janice T. Connell, Angel Power

The truth of angels is they have many shapes, forms, sizes, appearances, and duties. You will see angels as you need to see them. Sometimes you may see only a burst of light in a darkened room or a cloudy form around a person's body.
~Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold, Angelspeake

Becoming aware of our angels' hidden presence in our lives is not difficult or arduous, but it is subtle and requires great patience.
~Eileen Elias Freeman, Touched by Angels

Your two guardian angels are always with you. The other angels come and go as we need them.
~Doreen Virtue, Divine Guidance

The angels see you as dazzling young diamonds which are being polished to perfection.
~Elsa Joy Bailey, "Angelbytes"

Where Scripture speaks of the world's creation, it is not plainly said whether or when the angels were created; but if mention is made, it is implicit under the name of "heaven," when it is said, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
~St. Augustine

We have been so long in a downward spin. The angels are calling us up. We are meant to fly and with our spirits we can. We are meant to ascend, to transmute the negative mass of the world's corrupted thought forms. No one asked us to stay so long, away from heaven, away from joy.
~Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

The angels as the guardians of men are set over men as instructors and monitors. This shows the relationship that is to exist between them. Man's attitude is to be one of obedience and subjection. He is to follow the lead of the angels, and consequently some reverence is already implied in the very relationship that exists between man and angel.

It is at the hour of death that the good angel shows the greatest zeal in protecting and defending the soul committed to his care, invoking often the assistance of other angels against the wiles and fury of Satan.
~Pascal Parente, Beyond Space: A Book about Angels

Ask your angels to stay as near to you as they can; to help keep your vision clear and your presence simple, so in all the days to come there will be a radiance and Glory in your spirit.
~Karen Goldman, Angel Voices

To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.
~Alphonse De Lamartine

I saw them with my bodily eyes as clearly as I see you. And when they departed, I used to weep and wish they would take me with them.
~St. Joan of Arc

The more materialistic science becomes, the more angels shall I paint. Their wings are my protest in favor of the immortality of the soul.
~Edward Burne-Jones

Angels assist us in connecting with a powerful yet gentle force, which encourages us to live life to its fullest.
~Denise Linn, Sacred Space

Unaccustomed to recognizing any power greater than his own, Western man, in his need to find an answer to his contradictions, may be forced to his knees in an inner struggle with the angel of the Lord, who could be the bringer of the missing and saving element.
~Theodora Ward, Men and Angels

In the strictest definition, an angel is a superior being living in the spirit world - standing between humans and God.
~John Ronner, Know Your Angels

People of goodwill long to know angels, to enjoy their presence, power, and protection. The experience is quite personal and different for each person.
~Janice T. Connell, Angel Power

Angels will not run your life. No angel will intrude on your free will. They cannot interfere.
~Barbara Mark and
Trudy Griswold, Angelspeake

Angel Images Archive

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

While we wait for me to get our last project wrapped up and complete, I thought it might be fun to share all angel art images, buttons, boarders, etc. that I collected for this project. Here's a scrolling slide show of the whole collection. To browse individual images see below. Because there are so many, I organized them into "sets," have fun!

I don't know how many of you have web pages or blogs, but I thought that with Christmas fast approaching, there might be an interest in and a need for small angel graphics and web page boarders. These are listed first. At the bottom of the page you'll find the collection of larger images.

Web Page Graphics - Small Angel Icons and Buttons:

These are larger, they are the ones I made for this project - so they might look familiar:

Misc Angels - Seamless Borders:

Cherubs and Baby Angels - Seamless Borders

Country Angels - Seamless Borders:

Angel Art - various sizes - previously posted here at the Prosperity Project:

Gallery of Angels from Shadow Scapes ©,Stephanie Pui-Mun Law:

But wait... there's more!
Here are the rest of the angel pictures that didn't get posted during the Angelic Assistance project:

These are the ones in black and white:

Disclaimer: I hosted these on Share A Pic because it was quick and easy for me. The site is ad intensive, and I apologize for that inconvenience. If you would like to find them elsewhere, you can visit the slide show gallery page.

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