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Charging Crystals with Angelic Energy

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hold your designated crystals for charging in your right hand [Cleansing crystals is done holding them with left hand - Charging is done holding them with right hand] with the crystals laying in the center of the palm of your hand.

Physically turn yourself to face the direction of the presiding Angel. For example: if asking Raphael for help with healing you would then face to the East. If you don't know the direction of the Angel, turn and face the direction you think the Angel would be.

While making intentions clear, say your invocation [prayer] out loud and directly to the palm of your hand that contains the crystals. For Example: "I wish to charge these crystals with healing light and love. Thanks be to Archangel Raphael for your assistance and eternal guidance. Blessings."

*Note: This can also be used to charge your intentions into candles and incense.
*Note: For strengthened healing energies and you are a Reiki practitioner -- draw symbols and Reiki item[s] after you have charged it.

~source unknown


Lisa said...

This is so wonderful..I have crystals and have never read anything like this to working with the angels with your crystals...

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