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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here is a small listing of various concerns along with the governing angel:

  • Animals (tame) - Behemiel
  • Animals (Wild) - Thuriel
  • Aspirations - Gabriel
  • Business Ventures - Teoael
  • Chance - Barakiel, Rubiel
  • Compassion - Lailah
  • Destiny - Oriel
  • Dreams - Gabriel
  • Eyesight - Mahzian
  • Freedom - Terathel
  • Friendship - Mihr
  • Good Health - Rehael
  • Harmony - Itqal
  • Healing - Raphael
  • Hope - Phanuel
  • Justice - Zadkiel, Vasiariah
  • Knowledge - Raphael
  • Lost Objects - Rochel
  • Marriage - Anael/Hagiel
  • Mercy - Vasiariah, Zadkiel
  • Nourishment - Asda
  • Patience - Achaiah
  • Peace - Seraphiel
  • Plants - Sachluph
  • Prosperity - Librabis
  • Protection - Lahabiel
  • Rain - Riddia, Matariel, Zafiel
  • Success - Teoael
  • Snow - Shalgiel
  • Song - Radueriel
  • Strength - Zaruch
  • Travel - Raphael
  • Truth - Amitiel


Sandra Rae Hymel said...

Hi Shirley Two Feathers and all you "angels" out there! Though I DO believe in angels, I do not believe they have "wings," nor do I believe they have "human" bodies, yet I DO believe they appear to us as "humans." I've had MANY "road angels" assist me, never a name exchanged. I also do not believe they would require any specific ritual to welcome them in. That being said: Since there is ONE Presence and ONE Power, I turn to Spirit first ... and the answer comes in some outer evidence manifested for my own human experience to understand.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Two Feather, for all your work for all of us!
Sandra Rae Hymel

Two Feathers said...

Hi Sandra - yes... I do agree that rituals are not required for assistance from Spirit. And yet, I also find that rituals do give power to intentions in that you are actually doing something in the physical to underline and focus on what it is that you really want. I find that ritual helps me to know that what I'm doing and affirming isn't just my "imagination" or "wishful thinking" or "not really real."

As for specific angels for specific issues - I think this allows for more specific focus on what it is that you really want. It's ALL spirit. WE are spirit. The ALL THAT IS, is Spirit.... Angels ARE spirit... Angels that show up in human form as well as angels that come to us as butterflies - winged beings - or a whisper of love..

So, thanks Sandra... as I explored your comment, I feel like I clarified my own thinking on this...

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