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Angels on the Way

Monday, October 20, 2008

A 3 pack of worker angels is waiting to visit any person who comments on this post inviting them to come. All you need to do is post a comment and say something to the effect of "My name is (your first name) and I'd be happy to welcome the three angels to my home on (date) at (time).

angels visit

They come from a shaman-in-training who received them from a healer in Mexico (or maybe Brazil--that story was a little hazy). You can ask them for 3 wishes, or you can get guidance, help and support. From previous messages the energy of the angels has been subtle at first, then very present by day 3 or so. You receive the angels after dark on day one, keep them for another 5 days and send them on to 3 more people after dark on the 6th night, not counting the night they arrived.

Here is what you need to do to receive them:

Prepare a table with 3 white candles in glasses, a bowl of white rice (cooked or uncooked) with a cinnamon stick, 3 flowers, 3 pictures of angels or angel objects of any kind and 1 small jar of honey. At the appointed time you open your window, light the 3 candles, open the honey and welcome them into your home.

On the last night you send the angels to 3 people by opening your window and telling the angels who to visit.

What to ask for:
This one is entirely up to each recipient. Here are some ideas: one person asked for clearing of her physical, emotional and home space, another wish included being physically balanced and grounded during the re-wiring of her spiritual expansion and one angel to work on abundance in all its forms. Someone else asked, "One to help me be, another to help me do and one to help me receive."


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