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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Did any of you try the Angel Spell for Abundance that was posted last week? I had a really good result. The next morning, I got a call about a job that I've been wanting. How cool is that? And since then, I've had a number of other small things happen that I think are related to what I asked for.

Interestingly, here we are doing a project on Angels, and my new job is at... of all places... Heavenly Pets!! I'll be bathing dogs ... working with my daughter and a friend of mine ... and getting some good exercise. I have been hating my other job, resisting it, whining and complaining about it, dreading it, and unsuccessfully trying to force myself to be OK with it, so I'm thinking that this change will free up some good energy for me.

I'm really thinking that asking for Angelic Assistance is a viable and effective way to create a better life. How is every one else doing? Looks like we've got four days left...


Two Feathers said...

I had an angel experience yesterday that was pretty cool.. actually two of them... Angels came in the form of humans.

My little dog had to have eye surgery - and when I went to pick her up at the vet, she was still wobbly from the anesthesia, somewhat disoriented, and visually impaired. I carried her out to the car along with a baggie full of meds... and then I realized that I didn't have my hands free to open the car door.... I didn't want to set her down on the ground, and I was just standing there... weighing my options... when a really nice woman came out of the veterinary clinic and asked if there was anything she could do, and with her help I got Cinnamin settled into the car with very little fuss. WOW!!

And then, later, when I got her home, a friend of mine came over, brought me food and comfort, which was unexpected and really sweet.

So - I'm surrounded by angels!

Lisa said...

Two Feathers,
I loved reading about your experience with the Angel Abundance Spell! I always like to hear with others having success with spells they try. I have to try this out. I haven't done so yet(what am I waiting
How appropriate it is that you work at a place called Heavenly Pets! You must be enjoying your new job!

I also wanted to add that your story here of after your dog got the surgery and you got help from the nice woman in the clinic with holding the car door open, and also your friend bringing over food and comforting you is definitely a testament of how people can act as angels to others..and maybe somehow they were influenced by their own angels to do so!

Very neat!

Lisa said...

I love this angel image by the way. A lot of the angel pictures you use I have never seen before. This one was great with the angels blowing the bubbles falling upon the little boy..who doesn't love bubbles?

Two Feathers said...

Yes, I thought the Heavenly Pets thing was really interesting. Acts of kindness from one human being to another seems much more of a miracle to me than angelic intervention... well, no that's not strictly true... when actual human beings go out of their way to be kind to ME - that feels like a miracle... more surprising even than divine intervention. Hmmmm... I think I'm going to need to ponder that for a while...

As for the images... I scoured the internet for angel pics... and coming up soon, I'm going to upload them all - even the ones I didn't use for this project. It's shaping up to be a BIG post... so if you collect angel images for use on the web - it'll be the jackpot for sure.

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