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Calling in a Household Angel

Monday, October 06, 2008

As always, relax and come to centre in the way that works best for you.

Calmly contemplate your home, letting your mind wander, for example, around the rooms and the other people who live in it. Then contemplate the angel who could be in your home, its presence bringing a blessing and helping you all to live together in a more harmonious, creative and healing way.

Then, aloud or in your mind, communicate words like: 'Angel of the home, I invite you to be here. Angel of the Home I thank you for your presence.'

Feel totally free to use whatever words work for you. Or you may not want to use words at all. You might prefer simply to light a candle and feel yourself inviting in and welcoming the angels presence. It is important that you acknowledge its presence and thank it. Even if you are not certain that it is with you, act as if it is. It will surely be with you, even if you cannot in those moments sense it.

Say, or telepath, words like 'Angel of the home, I acknowledge and give thanks for your presence.'

Do not let your intellect get caught up with thoughts such as: 'I don't know what this angel is really like.....This is just my imagination playing tricks......How can I tell if this is really here.... I feel such an idiot.' Suspend your normal mental disbelief and enter into a more playful and imaginative, more poetic and lyrical dimension. Trust that your invitation and grateful acknowledgement of its presence will work. Simply accept that the angel is already with you.

Working with Angels, Fairies and other Nature Spirits
by William Bloom PhD


Cindy H said...

This angel month has been so much fun so far! I didn't realize that there were so many angels around helping us out! Thank you angels for all that you do to guide and protect me, my family and my home!

Two Feathers said...

I agree, Cindy. I have had some really nice angel experiences during the course of the project thus far - clearly this is a resource for help and support that we don't often think to use.

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