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Wrapping Things Up

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Angel project is now complete, and it's time to wrap things up. As always, I like to get feedback on how the project worked for us. So, with that in mind, here are some questions:

  • Did you participate this time around?
  • If not, why not? (too busy? not interested? didn't resonate? suddenly have so much money you don't hardly know what to do with it all? other reasons?)
  • For those of you who did participate, what was your overall result? (good? bad? indifferent?)
  • Was this particular project worthwhile? or was it a waste of time?
  • In your experience, did you find that Angels helped you with your finances?
  • Did you find that Angels helped you with other situations and circumstances?
  • Have you changed your ideas and opinions about Angelic Assistance as a result of this project? If so, how?
  • Do you believe that Angels are real? or are they imaginary?
  • What was your favorite exercise?
  • What was your least favorite part of the project?
  • Will you continue to ask Angels to assist you with problems and situations in your life?
  • Would you recommend Angelic Assistance to others?
  • Is there anything else that you would like to share?


Caite said...

Your work is so beautiful, it is a great contribution. I didn't tune in to most of this angel one, once in awhile I felt moved to open it
and the pictures were always awesome. I didn't do the exercises, this isn't an area that draws me
particularly. I look forward to whatever you come up with next.

Cindy H said...

I participated most days. There were a few when I just read the posting because I was busy. I am definitely more interested in angels thanks to this month's theme. Even though I already believed in them and had angelic experiences before this project, now I feel I know more about angels. I have bought several books about angels and learned more about them.

This month I didn't have a dramatic increase in money, but I still feel more "prosperous" in my knowledge and understanding of angels.

I have definitely begun to ask my angels and guides for help with things big and small, as well as asking other people's angels to offer protection and other favors for my loved ones.

I can honestly say that EVERY time I have asked my angels for something, they have complied. These include helping me arrive somewhere on time and safely and finding a close parking spot.

I truly believe that angels are present and willing to help us and most of the time, all we need to do is ask and be open to their assistance.

Thanks for yet another interesting, thought- provoking and informative prosperity project!!

shirley said...

I had some really good results - all things considered. Here's how it worked for me: I accidentally paid ALL my bills on time out of the same pay check (an automatic billpay snafu) and ended up with just $2 in the bank - with 2 weeks til the next payday, a 1/4 tank of gas, a cell phone that was out of minutes, a speeding ticket that was due, internet, insurance, and a couple of other bills still due to be deducted automatically out of my $2 balance, a sick dog on a special diet and in need of medication... it was pretty grim and I pretty much FREAKED OUT.

But here I am... 2 weeks later... with money in the bank, a new job, gas in my car, electric, phone, internet, all on... amazing, huh?

I did have my share of heartbreak, as my little dog passed into Spirit, and I miss her so much... luckily I am surrounded by people who love me and have absolutely been here for me...

I called on Angels a lot!! My favorites were the Angel Invocation Mantra which really seemed to work well, and the Angel Magic Spell for Abundance.

I absolutely would recommend the use of Angelic Aid. This project gets 2 thumbs up from me!

Karla said...

Oh Geez, you guys. Which angel do I summon to help me with the computer? I just wrote a nice LONG post and it POOF, disappeared! Sigh. I'll try and remember what I was talking about.
I LOVED Angel Month!! I totally agree with Cindy, I never really acknowledged angels specifically. I knew they were there but I have a much greater appreciation of their presence after this project. It's awesome to begin to understand the different "Angels with Assignments", who handles what, and ask for guidance in areas that need particular work.

This month has been full of health issues and financial situations coming to a head. In addition to being ill and having medical tests, I've kept working my full time job, have done 2 back to back palm reading events for charity this week and have been wrapping my young daughter with love, as she found out she's expecting! AS in a BABY! With diapers and bottles and stuff!!! (I'm not whining..this story has a point, bear with me!) Money, Health, Birth, Illness, Family, Work and palm after palm after palm. So a couple days ago, I found myself completely exhaused and drained. There was nothing left to give and nowhere to go for the answers to so many MAJOR questions. All of the sudden, I'm driving down the road and WHOOOSH. I gave up. Just plain old GAVE UP! and it was as if the angels came on a silken vibration and just enveloped me in peace. Everything was given up to them in an INSTANT. POOF! Whoa...what a total trip! I drove to my lunch spot and spoke to my guide, Great Grandpa Ole and this is what he said:
What do you mean?
Perhaps we need to surrender more often instead of clenching up and holding all this stuff ourselves! It's as if they were saying, "Is any of this crap really THAT important for you to carry around?"
What's cool is I didn't really didn't ask for assistance or summon any particular angel..but I had hit the bottom of the barrel and I felt them take it all was a very PHYSICAL sensation. So what if we actually THOUGHT about it and ASKED for this help, instead of being stubborn and "in control"? Hmmm. The possibilities are pretty amazing!!
Thank you for opening this up for me! I'll definitely pass this along and re-read this project!! Love you Shirley!

Two Feathers said...

Peak of Illness brings Peace of Surrender - WOW Karla - I love that.

The whole time my little dog was so sick, I surrendered and surrendered and surrendered... it was a huge lesson in letting go...

Now that she's gone - it feels like she is still here... I can feel the presense of Spirit and love supporting me... and I feel it more palpably and more deeply than I ever did before.

Of all the projects we've done, this one is one is in my top three!

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