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Saying thanks!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Accepting and saying thanks that our travel arrangements are in progress.

Affirming our travel plans

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today we are affirming and visioning for each other that our travel plans are booked and waiting for us to step into them.

For Daniel: Whew, I want to go so many places. Europe, Australia, S. America. The Pyramids many to choose just one.

For Shirley:First - I want to go to the beach. A nice sand beach with shells and warm water, palm trees, warm tropical breezes, etc. Then - I'll need to be booking a trip to Belize to check out my new island, and get that all organized. Also - I want to take my fully loaded conversion van or jeep or whatever cool new vehicle I have been provided with and take an extended tour of all the National Parks and Wilderness areas that appeal to me at the time. After that... who knows?

For Melissa: I'm with Shirley on the beach with a nice cold umbrella drink in my hand. Then Kurt and I go snorkeling and see all the beautiful fish and underwater creatures. Then, while Shirley is checking out her island near Belize, I waltz on over to Costa Rica, and Kurt and I enjoy a fabulous guided tour of the rain forest. After all of that, we come home to the States and spend a glorious 5 days getting pampered head to toe at the Red Door Spa (or some other equally high-end, glamorous spa). Bliss!! Our cats and all of our home issues have been easily dealt with so there are no worries on our end, and we can come home to a beautiful, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere where we can truly let the peace and rest sink deep into our bones. Ahhhhh! That's exactly what I needed!

For Cindy: My first trip is definitely a 6 week trip to Australia! I'm going to see the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney's opera house, Ayers Rock and lots and lots of hands-on with koalas and baby kangaroos and of course I will get to meet, LIVE AND IN PERSON, my favorite animal in the world - the duck-billed platypus! And I'm going to talk to them and pet them!

After 6 weeks in Australia, I'll be pretty tired, so after a short rest back here at home loving on my cats and dogs, I'm off for a couple weeks in Hawaii! Mainly hanging out on a private beach on Maui with a cold drink in my hand!! Some touring of the islands, but mostly just resting and relaxing and getting spa treatments!!

When I get home from there, I will be all rested up, so I can pack up my new, huge RV and Shari and I will travel the United States and see every beautiful state of the union!! I'm so excited!!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alright, today it's time to think about where do we want to go... what trips are you going to book through Melissa's Travel Store?

Saying YES to our right jobs

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today we are accepting and being grateful that what we have visioned for ourselves is ours for the taking.

Visioning our Work

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is what employees at the Google Building in New York get to enjoy. Today we are visioning something even better for ourselves!

For Shirley: I get up in the morning, piddle around, drink a nice cup of organic Ecuadorian coffee, and think about how good it is to be alive. And then I get into my great little car and zip off to a work place that is fun, creative, interesting, and challenging. I see it as a large warehouse space filled with art projects, with a state of the art computer system, a hot tub, and other creative and interesting people whom I know and love. If I want to, I bring my dog - or my granddaughter - or a friend. At the end of the day, we all wind down with margaritas, or an ice cold Grolsh, and the hot tub. We laugh, we talk, we play, and money just pours in. It's not MY company, it's OUR company. We do what we do because we love it, we give generously of our time and talent because it feels so good to play in that way.

That's my perfect job!

For Daniel: I wake up every morning in my beautiful bedroom in my beautiful house, which by the way is #80 Janssen Pl. I have a breakfast of, oh, probably Orange juice, yogurt and toast and egg whites. After getting dressed I go into my office/library and look over my busy schedule of appointments. Mostly meeting with artists, gallery openings and fund raisers. This is the busy but satisfying life of a philanthropist. Yep, my dream job is to give away money. To support artists and the arts, to give scholarships to interesting kids so they can live thier dreams etc...

I have dreamt of this job since I was a kid, really, and I know the opportunity to start living it is unfolding know.

For Melissa: The desires of my heart for my career are to be independent and creative, and to create something that is lasting and touches people's lives. I want to feel fulfilled by my work, and to have just the right amount of challenge. I want to have many streams of income. I want to enjoy harmony and clear communication with my coworkers, and to receive the credit and recognition that I deserve.

For Michelle: For my career I would love for my children to have awesome education, and for me to be able to do and sell art as well, abundantly so.

For Cindy: I want a job where I don't need the money - all financial things are taken care of regardless. I see myself setting my own hours, getting up without setting an alarm clock, going to work - maybe even working at my home - where there are lots of animals around and whatever work I'm doing involves animals and their well-being. This "job" makes me feel loved and appreciated and makes me feel that I am making my mark in the world, making a difference!

Our Work

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Work, employment, career, life path, dharma, job, business, vocation, etc.
What is it that would bring you the most joy and freedom?
How would you like to "make your living"?

Saying thank you

Friday, August 24, 2007

Today we are accepting and being grateful for our good and loving relationships.

Visioning Relationships

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today we are visioning and affirming for the following:

For Daniel: Open and understood communication. Respect, integrity, love and honor. This is a hard one. Affection. Patience.

For Cindy: Open-minded acceptance and love. And I would really like to give romance another try. It's been soooooo long and I THINK I'm ready! But the guy has to be open-minded and accepting, spiritual but not into religious dogma. Someone who will love me for the me that is inside of me, not what my exterior person looks like! I'm ready to accept this man into my life!!

For Melissa: Intimacy, emotional connection, support, love, camraderie, peace, healing, understanding, and bliss.

For Shirley: What I really want is for my home to reflect clarity and peace in the relationship areas, and for the clutter, unfinished business, old junk, and "stuff" I carry with me about relationships past and present to get cleared out. I would love to have a "back door man" or a "handy guy" to hang out with and have fun with, to enjoy life with and go to the beach with. I think it would be nice to have some good male energy around here.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What is it that you would like to manifest in your relationships?

Happy to be healthy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It feels great to feel good. Today we are saying thank you and accepting our strong and healthy bodies!

Visioning Health

Monday, August 20, 2007

Today we are affirming and visioning the following:

For Daniel: I desire for myself and for Gary to be strong in body, mind and Spirit. To be released from any physical or emotional pains and traumas. To utilize the full potential of our minds in creating our world.

For Melissa: The desire of my heart is to be free of allergies, to breathe fully and deeply of the breath of Spirit, and to be filled with energy and wholeness that move me forward into greater and greater health, peace and success.

For Michelle: The desires of my heart towards my physical being are these... I want to find a more sensible way to physically function. I want to be able to do things with my kids and not be so exhausted and in a good deal of pain most of the time. I want that to end. I want my daughters and sons to remain healthy, I would love to banish their pain as well.

For Shirley: The desires of my heart are that I begin to actually take care of the physical being that is me, Shirley. That I take the time to do the things that nourish and strengthen me. And that I feel better and have more energy.

Right now, I eat a lot of crap food, don't get anywhere near enough exercise, and I don't take care of myself. I carry around way too much extra weight, and drive myself with caffeine, sugar, and high powered energy drinks. Then I take the edge off with beer or wine and long binges of mindless internet surfing. I want to STOP IT. And when I do stop it, I know I will feel better and my little physical annoyances and small health issues will go away.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today we are speaking into creation the desires of our hearts with regard to health.

I joyously accept

Friday, August 17, 2007

Today, we are saying "thank you" that the desires of our hearts are fulfilled!

Visioning Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today we are affirming and visioning the following:

For Daniel: Beauty, is the first thing that comes to mind. A home that is not to big not to small. With plenty of storage space. No particular style is better than another but beauty is paramount. A place where my soul feels at home.

For Shirley: Space... lots of space inside and out. Room to breathe. Room to relax. My "dream home" has a private beach, a hot tub, and a swimming pool. There is a lot of light, green space, and holds a peaceful silence.

And my home right now has a lot of the above. Some important elements are missing (beach, hot tub, swimming pool) but there is light and peace. And I would just love if I could spend money fixing it up into something that really "rests" me.

So this or something better.

For Cindy:A very large house with lots of open space. There is a huge, 2-person soaker tub with jets in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is huge and not only contains a huge, king size bed, but a couch and a lounging couch. The entire bedroom has a 2nd floor balcony around it with bookshelves and places to sit and read and lots of windows, too.

The house is on acreage with a pond, a barn, several horses, an inground swimming pool and hot tub on the patio, as well as an outdoor reading bed. The house is located somewhere where there is no restriction on how many animals you have, and there are lots of animals!!

The house is always clean (cleaned by someone I hire), and there is plenty of room to entertain and have overnight guests. Downstairs, there is a workout room with a steam room, and also on that floor is a surround sound theater system with big, comfy reclining chairs and a huge t.v. screen.

The whole thing is in a private, safe setting far from the city lights, but close enough in to have all the city amenities available.

(updated Aug 17)

For Michelle: I would like to be able to purchase my current home and add onto it and make it mine.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When it comes to a home, what are the desires of your heart?

Saying thank you.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Today, we joyously accept and give thanks that the desires of our hearts are fulfilled!

Visioning Transportation

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Visioning for each other and affirming right transportation and the perfect car.

For Cindy: I must sing thanks and praise for already having it! And completely and 100% owning it!!! So thank you divine spirit for my perfect vehicle, a paid-for, blue 2006 Jeep Liberty!

For Melissa: The desires of my heart are for Kurt and me to each have perfect transportation, however that looks, whether it's a paid-off Nissan Altima or a driver to chauffer me around town. I want the vehicle to have air conditioning and a CD player and get excellent gas mileage and require very little maintenance, and to be completely paid off.

For Shirley: The desires of my heart are that my little car, which is paid off, and whom I love very much... continues to run great. And when she gets old and frail... resources are made available to keep her in good running condition until she is ready to go to car heaven. I want to be assured that I have right and reliable, safe and comfortable transportation.. that is paid in full. And, if I could really have the car of my dreams... I would want a great little car to zip around town in and a van for transporting art and going on trips, both of which are environmentally sound, fully loaded with all the amenities, with excellent gas mileage and reliability. Something comfortable and fun.

For Michelle: To be able to sell my van and have enough money out of it to buy my friend's van. This would mean I would get to drive the van that the automatic sliding doors. Also, it would be great to have the newer van paid off, since we are asking for the world and are determined to get it.

For Daniel: My dream car is a white, Mercedes Benz 320Blue Tec station wagon. THat is owned by me free and clear. I love station wagons and this is rated as the most reliable with the best mileage which are both very important to me. Thank you in advance for this perfect car.

Here you go Daniel, this one's for you!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

(In complete faith and trust, speak into creation the desires of your heart)

What are the desires of your heart with regard to a vehicle?

Saying thank you.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Here's a little preview of how it might look to suddenly receive a bunch of money all at once. Looks pretty good doesn't it?

Well, we just affirmed this very thing for each other, it's a done deal, it's ours if we will but allow and receive it. So, now it's time to speak our acceptance and gratitude.

Affirming money for each other

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today we are affirming and visualizing the following:

For Shirley:
In complete faith and trust, I speak into creation the desires of my heart which is: I want to be fearless with regard to money. Fearless because I know there's more where that came from, fearless because I have more than enough to go around, fearless because my bank account balance is consistently way more than my bills and expenses, and fearless because I really do know that I am in that flow of energy we call money.

For Melissa
I want to have all of my loans, debts, credit cards and bills paid off in full. I want to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, because I have a constant, steady stream of supply flowing to me that more than meets all of my needs with plenty left over to spare and to share.

For Michelle
In complete faith and trust, I speak unto the creation the desires of my heart, which are to be abundantly prosperous with the energy of money, be forever in the flow of the positive energy of money that comes with helping others just as I help myself and my family.

For Daniel:
To have more than I need to meet my every need. To have the freedom to do what I want, when I want to. To be able to share that financial abundance with all that I want to with out worry of ever seeing or thinking of the money again. To realize that money is only a tool for good and only brings me good.

for Cindy:
My desire is to release any and all fears of money. I know in my heart that money is not bad or evil and I release all those negative feelings I have of it. I want to love money and not fear it anymore! I want to welcome money into my life, an endless source of money from both expected and unexpected sources, continuous and flowing constantly. I want to affirm that no matter how much money flows into my life, it is good and I can allow it to happen without any fear or anxiety.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

(In complete faith and trust, speak into creation the desires of your heart)

What are the desires of your heart with regard to money?

Our mastermind how to:

Here's how this is going to work:

  • First read the mastermind script to get a feel for the project.
  • Second read the preliminary statement at the top of the page. When you read it, try to really feel the energy of it. This is the fuel that will power the project.
  • Third answer the question posted directly under it.

We will be taking it one step at a time, so today we "speak the desires of our heart with regard to money"... tomorrow we will be affirming for everyone... and the following day we will be giving thanks. This will continue over the next 30 days as we work our way through our 10 things.

Hey, let's get started!

The Mastermind Script

What we have here is a complete version of the mastermind script that is often used in a mastermind group where the people come together. We will be using this script in a modified way by breaking it up over a period of 3 days.

Spoken together:

"I open my heart and mind in full surrender to the power of my indwelling God and align in love with my partners in prayer."

"I know that God is an energy of pure love flowing through me. I am a channel of it's expression."

"I take responsibility for my life experience without guilt or judgment. I am ready to change my attitudes at depth. My life is transformed."

"I am willing to release all unforgiveness for any perceived mistakes or
wrongdoings. I forgive now by giving unconditional love and acceptance to myself and others."

"I am a being of Light and Love."

On at a time, each person speaks out,
the group responds, the person accepts and says thanks.

"In complete faith and trust, I speak into creation the desires of my heart." (state or visualize your desire)

The group responds (one at a time) with positive affirmations and statements:

"_____ (name) I see for you that..."

This process is repeated until each person has had a chance to speak out their wants and desires. When the group response is complete, the person says:

"I joyously accept and give thanks that the desires of my heart are fulfilled."

Spoken together when everyone has spoken and been responded to:

"I now have a covenant in which it is agreed that as a powerful being of God, my life is one of service to all humankind. My commitment is to live in a manner that sets the highest example for others to follow. I go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm, excitement, and expectance."

"It is done!"

Our ten things

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I pulled our answers together and came up with 10 categories that I think will cover everything we are wanting to envision together through the mastermind process. Here is what I came up with:

  1. money
  2. car/transportation
  3. freedom (to do whatever)
  4. travel
  5. relationship (romantic, family, business etc)
  6. home
  7. health
  8. happiness
  9. spirituality
  10. employment, business, career etc.

As we go through each category, we will have a chance to be as specific as we would like to be. Did I leave anything out? If this sounds good to everyone, we'll be starting bright and early tomorrow morning. I figured we could start with money... since this is basic to the project.

Later on this evening, when I am back at home - having finished with my appointments and etc for the day, I'll post a mastermind format - and try to get everything organized.

Master Mind - General Guidelines

Monday, August 06, 2007

Here are some general guidlines for the mastermind process.

  1. We surrender our small selves to the higher Self, acknowledge the higher Power that is in all, and we agree to believe that this Higher Power responds to us personally. We agree to let go of our own expectations, fears, negative thinking, and in so diong, ask that our lives be transformed at depth. We put our lives into the hands of the Higher Power, agreeing to forgive ourselves for any mistakes, real or imagined, and to forgive all others as well.

  2. Each person states the desires of their heart (one at a time), and the others in the group reflect back to this person that they see, acknowledge, and know that these desires are already fulfilled. There is no advice giving and no judgment. We are not here to fix each others problems.

  3. Each person then wholeheartedly accepts that the desires are fulfilled.

  4. As a group each agress that a covenant has been made with the Master Mind, that we will dedicate ourselves to our highest and best good, and to the highest good of all, that we will be a channel for the fullest exprsesion of our Higher Selves, and that the Master Mind will supply us with all that we want and need.

  5. We then go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm and acceptance knowing that it is done.

What is prosperity?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We will be using a list of 10 things that represent prosperity to organize our Master Mind project. What are the 10 things that represent prosperity to you?

Growing Prosperity

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Our Master Mind project starts tomorrow. Here's a definitive explanation of a "Master Mind" group, and how it works.

A MasterMind Manifesting group is a unique group of people utilizing the MasterMind principles for achieving business and personal goals.

MasterMind power is defined as follows: "No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind." The human mind is a form of energy, a part of it being spiritual in nature. When the minds of two people are coordinated in a spirit of harmony, the spiritual units of energy of each mind form an affinity, which constitutes the power of the MasterMind.

The process of MasterMinding may be likened to the act of one who connects many batteries to a single transmission wire, thereby 'stepping up' the power flowing over that line. Each mind, through the principle of mind chemistry, stimulates all the other minds in the group, until the mind energy becomes so great that it penetrates to, and connects with, the universal energy, which in turn, touches every atom of the entire universe.

A MasterMind may be created through the bringing together in a spirit of perfect harmony, two or more minds. Out of this harmonious blending of the chemistry of the minds creates a third mind, which may be appropriated and used by one or all of the individual minds. This MasterMind will remain available as long as the friendly, harmonious alliance between the individual minds exists.

Through the MasterMind process, you combine your own strength with that of at least one other person, as well as that of the MasterMind. This principle is based on the premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded individuals are many more times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved.

Happiness is found in lending, doing, helping other members in your group achieve their goals, not merely possessing the information about goal achieving. The "WIN-WIN" attitude is key to a successful Master Mind group: If I help you win, I win, too.The MasterMind principles also teach that other like-minded individuals can believe for you, and accept as true for you, things you may find difficult to conceive or believe for yourself.

I can't wait to get started!

Our next project

Thursday, August 02, 2007

It has been suggested that we do a "Master Mind" for our next project, and also that we continue to incorporate the idea of making the project more interactive. What was nice about the Gratitude Project was that each day, each post, contained within it a question to answer. This made it easier to think of what to say, or how to respond in an "active" way on the blog.

Daniel and I talked about it at length one night at work. What we came up with was this idea:

  1. First, get feedback from everyone as to what 10 things most represent prosperity to you.
  2. Spend 3 days on each thing.
  3. The first day we all say what it is that we would want for ourselves with regard to that specific thing... for example: Day one might be a car. I might say that I want my car to be reliable, in good working order, and paid off. Someone else might say that they want a Mercedes Benz in their driveway complete with chauffeur.
  4. The second day we all affirm for each other that what you want, you can have. We envision for each other on that second day. For example, "Melissa, I see you driving around town in your brand new Lexus. It is so cool that you were able to pay for it with the money from the sale of your first script." Stuff like that.
  5. On the third day we accept what has been affirmed for us, and we express our gratitude for it. For example, I might say: "I accept my good, I accept my awesome car that runs great and gets awesome gas mileage. Thank you so much for reliable transportation! Wow!"
  6. We do that for each of the 10 items on our "prosperity" list. The last one being a sort of "catch all" for anything that might have been "missed" previously. This would give us a full 30 days.
  7. On the day before day one, I will post a Master Mind script so that we can all get an idea of how it might look, and so that we are all on the "same page" and clear about the concept.
  8. Obviously, this will require daily active participation. More so than some of our other projects. Of course, a person could play "catch up" if need be. and that would be fine. However, it's not something that can be done alone. As you can see, it needs a group.
  9. We have a great group, and wouldn't it be nice to have even more people in it with us? As Melissa said on the Question of the Day, surrounding yourself with friends is a great way to do big (possibly scary) things.
  10. We also discussed the possiblity of spending a few days encouraging friends to join us on this one. So, if you have any friends or family who might be interested in giving it a try, please consider inviting them.

Ok, so what do you guys think? Any suggestions to make this an even better project? Any questions? concerns? comments? Shall we plan to start it on Monday to give us all a chance to talk family and/or friends into joining us for this one? Or should we just start on it tomorrow?

A Reason to Smile

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I found this article at the Daily Om today, It seemed appropriate and so I thought I'd share it as I am still putting the finishing touches on our gratitude project.

A Reason To Smile
Five Minutes To Happiness

It can be so easy to get caught up in the rigors of modern life that we tend to forget that happiness need not come with stipulations. Happiness becomes something we must schedule and strive for—a hard-won emotion—and then only when we have no worries to occupy our thoughts. In reality, overwhelming joy is not the exclusive province of those with unlimited time and no troubles to speak of. Many of the happiest people on earth are also those coping with the most serious challenges. They have learned to make time for those simple yet superb pleasures that can be enjoyed quickly and easily. Cultivating a happy heart takes no more than five minutes. The resultant delight will be neither complex nor complicated, but it will be profound and will serve as a reminder that there is always a reason to smile.

So much that is ecstasy-inducing can be accomplished in five minutes. Alone, we can enjoy an aromatic cup of our favorite tea, take a stroll through the garden we have created, write about the day's events in a journal, doodle while daydreaming, or breathe deeply while we listen to the silence around us. In the company of a good friend or treasured relative, we can share a few silly jokes, enjoy a waltz around the room, play a fast-paced hand of cards, or reconnect through lighthearted conversation. The key is to first identify what makes us dizzyingly happy. If we do only what we believe should bring us contentment, our five minutes will not be particularly satisfying. When we allow ourselves the freedom to do whatever brings us pleasure, five minutes out of 14 wakeful hours can brighten our lives immeasurably.

It is often when we have the least free time or energy to devote to joy that we need to unwind and enjoy ourselves the most. Making happiness a priority will help you find five minutes every day to indulge in the things that inspire elation within you. Eventually, your happiness breaks will become an established part of your routine. If you start by pursuing activities you already enjoy and then gradually think up new and different ways to fill your daily five minutes of happiness, you will never be without something to smile about.

What do you think?

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