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Visioning Transportation

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Visioning for each other and affirming right transportation and the perfect car.

For Cindy: I must sing thanks and praise for already having it! And completely and 100% owning it!!! So thank you divine spirit for my perfect vehicle, a paid-for, blue 2006 Jeep Liberty!

For Melissa: The desires of my heart are for Kurt and me to each have perfect transportation, however that looks, whether it's a paid-off Nissan Altima or a driver to chauffer me around town. I want the vehicle to have air conditioning and a CD player and get excellent gas mileage and require very little maintenance, and to be completely paid off.

For Shirley: The desires of my heart are that my little car, which is paid off, and whom I love very much... continues to run great. And when she gets old and frail... resources are made available to keep her in good running condition until she is ready to go to car heaven. I want to be assured that I have right and reliable, safe and comfortable transportation.. that is paid in full. And, if I could really have the car of my dreams... I would want a great little car to zip around town in and a van for transporting art and going on trips, both of which are environmentally sound, fully loaded with all the amenities, with excellent gas mileage and reliability. Something comfortable and fun.

For Michelle: To be able to sell my van and have enough money out of it to buy my friend's van. This would mean I would get to drive the van that the automatic sliding doors. Also, it would be great to have the newer van paid off, since we are asking for the world and are determined to get it.

For Daniel: My dream car is a white, Mercedes Benz 320Blue Tec station wagon. THat is owned by me free and clear. I love station wagons and this is rated as the most reliable with the best mileage which are both very important to me. Thank you in advance for this perfect car.

Here you go Daniel, this one's for you!


Anonymous said...

Cindy, I see you get long lasting enjoyment out of your current dream vehicle and when this one makes its transition I see you continuing to drive only those vehicles that make your dreams a reality.

Shirley, I do see you having the fleet of vehicles of your dreams. A vehicle for every mood and need. Whevever your psychedelic dreams take you you'll have a vehicle to get you there.

Melissa, I see you purchasing the vehicle that takes you and Curt wherever you want to go. I know that you did not name a specific car but your car fantasy is out there waiting for you and you are not only guided to it but writing out that check -Paid in Full.

Michelle, Every door is sliding at the touch of a button, the Michelle Dream Van is waiting in the drive quietly idiling in anticipation of taking you to places you only dream of now but are only moments away when you slide into that luxury interior, all of course stain resistant.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Melissa, Kurt.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I see for you that this perfect paid for Jeep is the first of many right and wonderful completely paid for brand new vehicles. All lined up, just waiting for you to want and need them.

Melissa, I can see you and Kurt zipping around town, together and separately, in your great new cars. I can see the smile on your face as you write out the check that pays for them in full.

Daniel, I see you in that awesome station wagon... and I know that you and I (and Gary too) are going to ride around in it, visiting galleries, and eating at cute little restaurants... it's going to be so much fun!

Michelle, you have the van you always wanted, and now so does Dave. Parked at your house, in your driveway are 2 vans in great working condition, reliable, and paid off - I can see them!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Daniel, I know you are going to get that station wagon because I spent hours this morning looking for a picture of one. And I said, to the Universe and the powers that be... If I can find it, he can have it. So, I found it, and it's yours!

Anonymous said...

I affirm that you always have transportation that is reliable, comfortable and affordable, and all your needs are met with joy!

I affirm that you have the perfect car to transport you and your wonderful artwork wherever it needs to go, and you car blesses you as it carries you to new opportunities for growth and abundance!

I affirm that you have the right van at the right price, and it fulfills all your family's needs, providing you with comfort and safe transportation!

I affirm that your Mercedes Benz is paid off and you are thrilled to drive it around wherever you need to go!

Cindy H said...

Melissa, I see you and Kurt both owning wonderful, perfect vehicles that are reliable, fun, functional and PAID FOR! And Melissa, I see you not only driving your car, but also at times being driven in your car by your driver! "Home, James!!"

Shirley, I see your little car running perfectly and being a perfect blessing to you for years to come, and in addition to that, I see you with another car that is the perfect transportation for your artwork. Your "artwork transportation vehicle" is beautiful, functional, luxurious and perfect and it is parked next to your little car and a fleet of other brand new, paid for vehicles, all lined up and ready for you at all times!!

Michelle, I see you driving your PERFECT, PAID FOR van - one with all the bells and whistles! Not only does it having automatic sliding doors, but it has automatic EVERYTHING! Whether this is your friend's van or something even BETTER, I see you driving it around town with a smile on your face, knowing it's yours and it's paid for and it's perfect!!

Daniel, I see you driving around town right now in your BEAUTIFUL, white Mercedes Benz 320Blue Tec station wagon! (Thanks for the visual aid, Two Feathers!!) Daniel, I know this car is within your immediate grasp, through totally attainable and easy means which will come from an unexpected source!


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