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Visioning Relationships

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today we are visioning and affirming for the following:

For Daniel: Open and understood communication. Respect, integrity, love and honor. This is a hard one. Affection. Patience.

For Cindy: Open-minded acceptance and love. And I would really like to give romance another try. It's been soooooo long and I THINK I'm ready! But the guy has to be open-minded and accepting, spiritual but not into religious dogma. Someone who will love me for the me that is inside of me, not what my exterior person looks like! I'm ready to accept this man into my life!!

For Melissa: Intimacy, emotional connection, support, love, camraderie, peace, healing, understanding, and bliss.

For Shirley: What I really want is for my home to reflect clarity and peace in the relationship areas, and for the clutter, unfinished business, old junk, and "stuff" I carry with me about relationships past and present to get cleared out. I would love to have a "back door man" or a "handy guy" to hang out with and have fun with, to enjoy life with and go to the beach with. I think it would be nice to have some good male energy around here.


Anonymous said...

For Daniel- I see a moment in time, a shift, where a greater level of understaning is suddenly realized by you and your partner that allows the openness you want to fulfill, the love you want to feel and return, and the respect of being two beings together with open communication.

For Cindy- you have already planted the seeds for your physical future, and they include a bikini. I affirm for you that you will find more ways to love yourself, and express yourself, and have the courage it takes for any human to make new friends. your 'guy' might be the very next man you see! unless it's your dad, that would just sorta be kinda creepy.

For Melissa- i see and affirm for you the equality you desire with your lover, the intimacy and emotional connection being a clear channel where your knowledge and understanding of each other provides you the strength to overcome obstacles even if they seem inpossible.

For Shirley...i affirm for you the man that is Shirley's man is going to be fixing your back steps soon, then kissing you on the porch. way better than having your nails painted. I see the good kind of male energy headed your way.

Anonymous said...

Daniel: Understanding, clarity, patience, compassion, peace, and cooperation are already unfolding for you and Gary. It just gets better and better every day.

Cindy: You are beautiful, loved and loving, and I can see... yes actually see a man for you. Someone with a sense of humor, common sense, gentleness, and a love for animals.

Melissa: Your relationships are clear, straightforward, healthy and good. Everything you could ever wish for you and Kurt is beginning to unfold right now, today.

Michelle: You are loved! and beloved! And as each day passes, you begin to see that you can and are creating healthy and lasting relationships with family, lovers, and friends.

Anonymous said...

I affirm that you have all the love, support and open, honest communication you desire in all of your relationships, and you feel blessed and secure.

I affirm that your relationships continue to grow and nurture and support you, and you feel love flowing every day, in every way.

I affirm that your perfect holy relationship is now blossoming in the perfect way to meet all of your needs!

I affirm that as you clear out the emotional clutter gently and easily, you make room for that handy guy to enter your life, to treat you well and take you to the beach whenever you choose!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am late checking in. Know that I am holding you all in my thoughts and seeing each of us in our right and perfect relationships. I am just to beat up today to write alot.

Cindy H said...

I see all of your relationships affectionate, patient, respectful and honorable. Each relationship you now have turns sweeter and new ones arrive just as sweet.

I affirm that all of your relationships are peaceful, healing and blissful, and especially your relationship with Kurt continues to grow, deepen and sweeten with every passing day.

I see clarity and peace in your relationship areas of your mind and your house as you draw the right and perfect handyman into your life.

I affirm that every relationship you are in is becoming stronger, more honest and peaceful as you draw in light and love to all aspects of your life.

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