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Affirming money for each other

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today we are affirming and visualizing the following:

For Shirley:
In complete faith and trust, I speak into creation the desires of my heart which is: I want to be fearless with regard to money. Fearless because I know there's more where that came from, fearless because I have more than enough to go around, fearless because my bank account balance is consistently way more than my bills and expenses, and fearless because I really do know that I am in that flow of energy we call money.

For Melissa
I want to have all of my loans, debts, credit cards and bills paid off in full. I want to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, because I have a constant, steady stream of supply flowing to me that more than meets all of my needs with plenty left over to spare and to share.

For Michelle
In complete faith and trust, I speak unto the creation the desires of my heart, which are to be abundantly prosperous with the energy of money, be forever in the flow of the positive energy of money that comes with helping others just as I help myself and my family.

For Daniel:
To have more than I need to meet my every need. To have the freedom to do what I want, when I want to. To be able to share that financial abundance with all that I want to with out worry of ever seeing or thinking of the money again. To realize that money is only a tool for good and only brings me good.

for Cindy:
My desire is to release any and all fears of money. I know in my heart that money is not bad or evil and I release all those negative feelings I have of it. I want to love money and not fear it anymore! I want to welcome money into my life, an endless source of money from both expected and unexpected sources, continuous and flowing constantly. I want to affirm that no matter how much money flows into my life, it is good and I can allow it to happen without any fear or anxiety.


Anonymous said...

I see for all of us that we have entered into a powerful covenant... that as we visualize for one another a great synergy takes place.. the universe responds.. and that which we affirm is made real.. our prosperity is inevitable.

Melissa you ARE in that flow, money comes to you in a constant and steady stream of supply that more than meets the demand. You are free to do what you want when you want because you are fully supported by this abundant universe. Your loans, debts, credit cards and bills ARE already paid in full. There IS more than enough and that more than enough is available for you right here and right now.

Michelle you are prosperous... the energy of money is at your fingertips... yours to do with as you choose... I see you as a deep well of gracious generousity, fully funded in all of your creative endeavors.. I see that you slip into a place of easy friendliness with money and it flows through you in an unobstructed and luxurious way.

Daniel, you do not ever have to worry about money ever again. You can erase that from your list of worries because you are fully empowered with regard to manifesting the money needed to be all that you wish to be and to express all that you already are. I see it pouring into your bank account in surprising and unexpected ways... Soon enough we'll all be calling you Mr Money, and it will be true! You are free - absolutely and totally free..

Cindy: You are fearless... money is your friend. I see you finding your center of power and pulling from that center a great wealth of courage and confidence. Money is energy... a benevolent friendly energy that flows in you for you through you to you and from you.

Anonymous said...

Shirley, you are the fearless manifestation of money in your own life. you have more than enough to pay your bills, and to put towards anything you want. Money flows freely to you, and though you as you move gracefully towards your ultimate aspirations.

Melissa, you are the embodiment of faith plus action equalling results! money is falling out of the sky right on you. You have the knowledge that your every need is met financially, and because this is so, you can dance freely with the energy of money as it comes to you and goes through you on your spiritual path.

Daniel, the energy of Spirit moves freely through you and brings you the peace that money is an energy, and it flows like water. Your cup will always be full. your fears are washed away in the stream of money energy that you already have access to. Your fear is lovingly taken by Spirit and turned to faith.

Cindy, your fear is also taken lovingly by Spirit, and turned into faith. A flower cannot grow in parched earth. This is proof that the money energy is there, just like the energy of Spirit, because it all comes from the same source. i see for you happiness, and fearlessness, and the beauty that comes when Spirit lights another's eyes with wonder.

Anonymous said...

Shirley: I do see you fearless, knowing the that Universe has always enough supply to meet your every need and that you are worthy nad deserving in every way to to be an active participant in this exchange of Universal Prosperity.

Melissa: I see you writing "Paid in Full" as you send out those checks that free you from the burden of unpaid/unmet financial burdens. Free to express this unlimited fiancial flow in whatever way your heart and soul direct you to achieve your highest potential knowing this flow of money/abundance is without out end.

Michelle: I see you standing in this Univsersal Flow of Abundance catching and utilizing all you need in every way with no fear of lack for tomorrow knowing that this stream is neverending and that you are part of it always Free to to accept all that you may ever need or want.

Cindy: I see you breaking those chains of fear of lack in your life. Walking into the Garden of Abundance, feeling the sunshine warm you through and through, erasing all past worries or fears never to return as you realize this Garden of Good, this Abundance is always there for your pleasure, your sustinance, your Joy.

Anonymous said...

I affirm that you are fearless and brave and bold as you move forward in the flow of money and positive energy that creates more good in your life.

I affirm that you feel the golden vibrations of the energy of money constantly surrounding and enfolding you, bringing forth all that you need.

I affirm that your worries vanish, leaving behind the solid knowingness that your good is manifesting to more than meet your needs and you relish the freedom that brings.

I affirm that you are open to money and the good it brings, that you are a conduit of good in the world using money as a tool to bless your own life and all the lives you touch.


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