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Master Mind - General Guidelines

Monday, August 06, 2007

Here are some general guidlines for the mastermind process.

  1. We surrender our small selves to the higher Self, acknowledge the higher Power that is in all, and we agree to believe that this Higher Power responds to us personally. We agree to let go of our own expectations, fears, negative thinking, and in so diong, ask that our lives be transformed at depth. We put our lives into the hands of the Higher Power, agreeing to forgive ourselves for any mistakes, real or imagined, and to forgive all others as well.

  2. Each person states the desires of their heart (one at a time), and the others in the group reflect back to this person that they see, acknowledge, and know that these desires are already fulfilled. There is no advice giving and no judgment. We are not here to fix each others problems.

  3. Each person then wholeheartedly accepts that the desires are fulfilled.

  4. As a group each agress that a covenant has been made with the Master Mind, that we will dedicate ourselves to our highest and best good, and to the highest good of all, that we will be a channel for the fullest exprsesion of our Higher Selves, and that the Master Mind will supply us with all that we want and need.

  5. We then go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm and acceptance knowing that it is done.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shirley Twofeathers said...

Dear Annonymous... thank you for this great affirmation.. clearly you are a dear friend to me... and greatly appreciated... I love you and I treasure you.. however we do have a policy of no annonymous posters.. (smiles and hugs)... so I will have to remove your wonderful comment. I will, however, keep it and take it to heart. ~Love Shirley

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