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I joyously accept

Friday, August 17, 2007

Today, we are saying "thank you" that the desires of our hearts are fulfilled!


Anonymous said...

I joyously accept and give thanks that the desires of my heart are fulfilled. I can't wait to have you guys over for a fun filled month of sun, sand, swimming, and well.. fun!

Anonymous said...

I also most graciously and joyfully give thanks for the desires of my heart and soul being fulfilled. I already have my new place picked out, just waiting to pick up the party invitations to have you all over. Oh and check out my new Mercedes that is in the drive when you come especially since you all helped me get it. Thank You!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I joyously accept my beautiful home away from home on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world, the Gold Coast.

The desires of my heart are fulfilled when I swim and surf in the crytal blue waters of the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

i joyously accept the desires of my heart which include privacy, my reallt neat little house, and peace in my living space. Thank you all for participating....and i love you all. except g. sorry, just can't. the rest of you, inherit the wind!!!!

Anonymous said...

I accept all the desires of my heart manifesting now in perfect ways to support me and fulfill my needs as I move forward into my greater good, my greater success, my greater health and wholeness, and my wonderful new life!!

Anonymous said...

no worries, mate! Why worry? Be happy!

Cindy H said...

I willingly and happily accept my new home winging its way to me right now! I know it's coming and it is perfect!!

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