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Happy to be healthy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It feels great to feel good. Today we are saying thank you and accepting our strong and healthy bodies!


Anonymous said...

Well I just have to say THANK YOU because for whatever reason i took my medicine a lttle differently and i am feeling much better. today i learned i have earned $15.75 through a site called 'inbox dollars'. some say it's a scam, but we'll see if they actually pay me. a little trickle of prosperity.....

Cindy H said...

Hi everybody, sorry I have been gone for a few days out of town and I'm playing catch-up!!

Michelle, Inbox dollars just came through TODAY with a check in the mail to me for $18.31, which was a little over $5 more than I needed to keep my checks from bouncing!!! It's not a scam and how "coincidental" that you mentioned it the day I received my check and my "lucky blessing"! I can't help but think that you feeling better isn't just a conicidence, either!!

Today I accept that my body is perfect and that I am free of pain! I know I am becoming stronger and that my physical problems are miraculously healing as new tissue is regenerating in my back and knees and everywhere else I need new, healthy cells! I am infusing myself with my own "mental stem cells" into every part of my body that needs to be healed, knowing that this regeneration will occur immediately and I will be totally free from any future physical pain and able to live life to its fullest!!!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Michelle and Cindy - go to - I posted a bunch of links there to work online leads and ideas.

Maybe you'll find something more to add to your growing prosperity!

Anonymous said...

And I joyously accept and give thanks that I will now have the energy, the determination, the incentive, the joyous enthusiasm needed to take better care of me.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I accept my healthy, strong self and I say thank you God!

Anonymous said...

thank you, everyone, who has given me support in this critical area...i think this mastermind is working.

Anonymous said...

I want to say thank you for remaining healthy, fit and disease free. I want to thank my parents for helping me to be very health concious in regards to nutrition and exercise!

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