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Affirming our travel plans

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today we are affirming and visioning for each other that our travel plans are booked and waiting for us to step into them.

For Daniel: Whew, I want to go so many places. Europe, Australia, S. America. The Pyramids many to choose just one.

For Shirley:First - I want to go to the beach. A nice sand beach with shells and warm water, palm trees, warm tropical breezes, etc. Then - I'll need to be booking a trip to Belize to check out my new island, and get that all organized. Also - I want to take my fully loaded conversion van or jeep or whatever cool new vehicle I have been provided with and take an extended tour of all the National Parks and Wilderness areas that appeal to me at the time. After that... who knows?

For Melissa: I'm with Shirley on the beach with a nice cold umbrella drink in my hand. Then Kurt and I go snorkeling and see all the beautiful fish and underwater creatures. Then, while Shirley is checking out her island near Belize, I waltz on over to Costa Rica, and Kurt and I enjoy a fabulous guided tour of the rain forest. After all of that, we come home to the States and spend a glorious 5 days getting pampered head to toe at the Red Door Spa (or some other equally high-end, glamorous spa). Bliss!! Our cats and all of our home issues have been easily dealt with so there are no worries on our end, and we can come home to a beautiful, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere where we can truly let the peace and rest sink deep into our bones. Ahhhhh! That's exactly what I needed!

For Cindy: My first trip is definitely a 6 week trip to Australia! I'm going to see the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney's opera house, Ayers Rock and lots and lots of hands-on with koalas and baby kangaroos and of course I will get to meet, LIVE AND IN PERSON, my favorite animal in the world - the duck-billed platypus! And I'm going to talk to them and pet them!

After 6 weeks in Australia, I'll be pretty tired, so after a short rest back here at home loving on my cats and dogs, I'm off for a couple weeks in Hawaii! Mainly hanging out on a private beach on Maui with a cold drink in my hand!! Some touring of the islands, but mostly just resting and relaxing and getting spa treatments!!

When I get home from there, I will be all rested up, so I can pack up my new, huge RV and Shari and I will travel the United States and see every beautiful state of the union!! I'm so excited!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay sounds like were all going to the beach. Sounds like the perfect place for all of us to celebrate our abudant prosperity and our unshakeable belief in our own power to create our world. So we are all at the beach toasting with tropical drinks in hand, taking in all of the beauties of the area as we discuss our future plans of travel and life adventure. Yeah!!!!

Cindy H said...

Daniel, I picture you at the beach relaxing with your friends and loved ones, and traveling to all the exciting places you want to - Europe, Australia, South America, Africa. I affirm this abundance for you now!!

Shirley, I affirm your presence on the beach enjoying the sand and salty air! You have a relaxing time at the beach before embarking on your leisurely trip around the United States. Maybe I'll see you!! Let's keep in touch and maybe we can meet up at a few of the beautiful national parks for some camping and communing with nature.

Melissa, I affirm that you are lounging at the beach in a chaise with Kurt by your side, talking about the fun you just had on your snorkeling adventure. You e-mail some of your underwater pictures to your friends and family back home before heaing off to the Red Door spa for more rest and relaxation! All of this relaxation totally sparks creativity and a bunch of money-making ideas are sparked for future use, which you dutifully write down in your notebook for future reference!

Anonymous said...

I can see us all now! Jet setters, world travelers... completely relaxed in any environment. Our homes filled with the wonderful things we have brought back from the places we've visited. Getting together for dinner somewhere on the Riviera, hanging out on the beach in Australia... bound together in friendship and the hugely bonding experience of suddenly having more money than we ever dreamed possible.

And I do expect you guys to visit me on my island in Belize. And Cindy, Melissa, and Daniel - your travel dreams become your reality. I can see you filling out the paperwork, getting those passport photos, booking those flights, buying that cool luggage...

Wow! Are we gonna have fun or what?

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