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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today we are speaking into creation the desires of our hearts with regard to health.


Anonymous said...

I desire for myself and for Gary to be strong in body, mind and Spirit. To be released from any physical or emotional pains and traumas. To utilize the full potential of our minds in creating our world.

Anonymous said...

The desire of my heart is to be free of allergies, to breathe fully and deeply of the breath of Spirit, and to be filled with energy and wholeness that move me forward into greater and greater health, peace and success.

Anonymous said...

The desires of my heart towards my physical being are these...
i want to find a more sensible way to physically function. I want to be able to do things with my kids and not be so exhausted and in a good deal of pain most of the time. i want that to end. i want my daughters and sons to remain healthy, i would love to banish their pain as well.

Anonymous said...

The desires of my heart are that I begin to actually take care of the physical being that is me, Shirley. That I take the time to do the things that nourish and strengthen me. And that I feel better and have more energy.

Right now, I eat a lot of crap food, don't get anywhere near enough exercise, and I don't take care of myself. I carry around way too much extra weight, and drive myself with caffeine, sugar, and high powered energy drinks. Then I take the edge off with beer or wine and long binges of mindless internet surfing. I want to STOP IT.

And when I do stop it, I know I will feel better and my little physical annoyances and small health issues will go away.

Anonymous said...

My desire is to have a long healthy productive life like my father did with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean that will nourish my body, mind and spirit.

I am eating more health foods especially delicious organic fruits and vegetable with less indulgence in processed crap that they brainwash us into eating at the supermarket or Mcdumb's!

Cindy H said...

I want to be able to be more physically able to do the things that I enjoy without pain or fear of further injury! I want to be able to get in and out of a boat, pick up my granddaughter if I want to, and be able to stand in a line somewhere!! I want all of my pain to be completely, 100% banished from my life, mainly physical pain, but also emotional pain as well.

I would also like to add a side note to wish health restored to my computer, which isn't feeling well, either!

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