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Wrapping things up

Friday, October 19, 2007

It looks like today is the last day of The Prosperity Game, which means that it's now time to recap our experiment, and see how well it worked.

  • Did you play the game?
  • If not, why not?
  • Was this technique successful for you?
  • What did you enjoy the most?
  • What was the least enjoyable?
  • Did you learn anything important about yourself?
  • Did you learn anything important about your relationship with money?
  • Would you recommend this technique to others?
  • What else would you like to say about it?

I firmly believe that one day, we will all be rich in whatever way is best suited to our own separate journeys. And the Prosperity Project will have been the catalyst that allowed us to transcend our limits, empowered us to climb out of our respective boxes, and gave us the mutual support needed to take leaps of faith and do our inner work.

It's possible that later on, other people will come along and explore the paths we took. This is why I think it's important to document not only the successes, but also the "failures" and the obstacles we encountered on our way. Your two cents are important here - even if it's just an explanation of why you didn't work this particular project, or why it didn't work for you.


Anonymous said...

Ok... here's my feedback: I resisted this game for the entire 30 days. Finally, today I sat down and wrote a series of checks. It did feel really good to actually do it.

I discovered that I have a huge resistance to spending money. I don't like to let it go. When I do find it easy to spend, it's usually for the small pleasures that keep me either anesthetized (Negro Modelo) or energized (Monster Black). On the other hand, I forego small luxuries like coffee filters and cream rinse.

When I was writing my checks, I did not feel comfortable writing any checks for over the amount of $900,000.00 and I did not feel comfortable giving myself more than $100,000.00 My friends got more than I did...

I learned just how much discomfort I feel around money. When it comes to me, I want to keep it - but I don't want to use it because I'm afraid that I will "waste" it, "squander" it, or make irrevocable "mistakes" with it. When it doesn't come to me, I want very much to have it. But when opportunities to have it present themselves, I'm likely to turn it down or sell myself short.

This project has been a revelation to me. And I would recommend it for just that reason. I wonder what would have happened for me if I could have overcome that resistance on the first day instead of the last day.

Anonymous said...

I found this site on the 20 somthingish day of your experiment. I remember when I read the book I played for a while but never finished and I'm not staying focused this time either....words for thought. Thanks so much-this is a GREAT blog and I'll keep coming back for more!

Anonymous said...

I found that this project made me happy. I feel that, in all our adventures here, that we WILL be financially abundant. but this one had special meaning to me. It made me feel so good to give all that money away to people i loved, and still have that much left over. it felt good to imagine my house the way i want it, and just imagine what it would be like to be just that financially secure. i felt it was an easy game to play, and that it got me thinking about money in an abundant way not concentrating on the lack thereof. i allowed myself to feel safe with all that money, and i couldn't spend it all. i just saved it until someone needs it. i think focusing on money in such an extreme way was a great catalyst for intending the future while working in the present. i loved it. and several good things did happen to me...a man that sort of dislikes pets bought me a bird to heal my heart; every time i picked up jeans, money would fall out. Most of the time, only change, but once it was $33! a person like me doesn't lose thirty three dollars, and it was in MY pocket. so whether this is inflow from all the projects we have done combined or the playful way this one taught lessons, i don't know- but i feel very positive for all of us that prosperity is truly within our reach.

Anonymous said...

Here's something interesting that happened to me. I had a conversation with someone at work about the checks I had written the other day, and how I made them into a little "mojo".

While I was writing them, I ate 2 little dove bars, the kind with the sayings written inside on the foil wrapper.. both of the wrappers said the same thing "Keep the promises you make to yourself." Somehow, the fact that there were two of them both the same seemed significant to me. It also seemed significant since I was at the same time reading about coincidence, syncronicity, and fulfillment of desire.

So after I wrote the checks, I folded them up with the foil, and then finished the little packet up with this quote: "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can receive." I then tucked it into my check book so that I'll have them right there to pass out just as soon as the money shows up at the bank.

Anyway, I was telling a dyed in the wool positive-thinking-Unity-affirmation person about my little mojo, and I showed it to her and she immediately tried to talk me out of it... that I shouldn't have written checks for such large sums of money... that I was only setting myself up for disappointment... and failure... and that I would feel bad when I realized that I would be unable keep the promises I had made to myself.

Ordinarily, this might have discouraged me in some way. But this time NO, it did not. I looked right at her and said. "It doesn't matter what you believe, I know for a fact that this money is mine to spend. And as soon as it gets here that's how I'm going to spend it." And when I said it I meant it. No ifs, no ands, no buts, no anxiety, nothing clenched up within me, I would have passed a lie detector test. I was that sure!

It looks like I'm making progress with my money issues, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I did not do the project this month, and yet prosperity did flow in from expected and unexpected avenues! We got a couple of tax refunds, a rebate check, a refund from an insurance company, my student loan check will be available next week, and I just returned from a business trip for my day job where I got 25 hours of OT. So the money is coming!! My husband laughs and reminds me, "We get money in the mail all the time!!"

This month, since I couldn't seem to make myself do the current project, I went back to our Ganesh mantra and the last couple of weeks while driving in the car I would say both the long version and also just "Gum". I can feel it change the vibrational energy around me and it helps me relax. I know it is clearing away blocks to allow the good to flow to me.

Cindy H said...

I didn't really do the project this month either, but still had a pretty nice month. During this month I finally received my disability check, which was 2 1/2 months overdue. I also received several unexpected checks in the mail for small amounts, but at the same time seemed to receive LESS bills than usual! So that was nice! I do think that all these projects have helped me feel more relaxed about money - in fact, I didn't really start freaking out about not getting a check until about a week before it finally showed up! That's over 2 months of NOT freaking out about being completely broke!

So, Shirley, I say keep the good times rolling, I'm excited for the next project.

I THINK we are going to move next Saturday!!! And that's been a long time coming! :)

With the move, I'm also getting a new printer for my computer and new living room furniture, so I am feeling pretty darn prosperous!

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