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Getting started

Monday, October 29, 2007

Over the next several weeks, we will be exploring quantum physics, archetypes, meditations, mantras, sutras, miracles and coincidences as we work our way through The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra.

This week, I will be posting the basic elements of the program. You can choose to incorporate all of the elements, or you can choose to do only some of them. The most time intensive element is daily meditation. If you already have a daily meditation routine, that's great. If you are not familiar with meditation, that's OK too. His meditation technique is super easy and only requires is 15 or 20 minutes a day twice a day.

Yes, we are all busy people, and adding anything more to your day might seem impossible. But think of it this way:

  • If Bill Gates said to you, "Give me 40 minutes a day, and I'll give you whatever you want," would you take him up on the offer?
  • If the Master of the Universe showed up in your living room this morning and said, "Give me 1 hour a day of your time, and I'll show you how to have anything you desire," would you do it?
  • If your doctor said to you, "Take 45 minutes every day to do this one thing, and you will be happy and healthy for the rest of your life," would you do it?
  • Deepak Chopra says, follow this program and your life will be transformed, miracles will become every day occurrences, your personal vibration will change for the better, and you will find that you experience the spontaneous fulfillment of desire on a regular basis. So, will you do it?


Anonymous said...

I am definitely going to do it. Yes, it will be hard to adhere to a twice daily meditation schedule, but I'm going to go for it anyway. I think it will be really good for me.

Am I the only one working this project?

Anonymous said...

I'm here :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm with all of you in spirit, and I will be truly with you in 5 weeks once my class is over!

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