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How do you think of money?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

While I'm waiting for the feedback to come in, here is something I found in my inbox this morning. It's from Higher Awareness and seemed appropriate so I thought I'd share.

"Money is a highly charged subject. And most of the emotions people feel around it are negative: fear, shame, embarrassment, anger."
~Jerrold Mundis

How do you think of money? How do you feel about money? Many of us are afraid of money. With this fear, we avoid dealing honestly and completely with our financial situation. We only have a vague idea of how much money we earn and spend, and even how much we owe. By refusing to accept financial responsibility, we sacrifice our chances for a better life.

"Choosing wealth as a goal requires facing everything about your money bravely, honestly, with courage -- which is a very, very hard thing for most of us to do. But it can be done."
~Suze Orman

So what do you guys think about this? Is it true for you? Does it get on your nerves to hear that you might be refusing to accept financial responsibility? Does it annoy you when someone says you are sacrificing your chances for a better life? My answer to the last two questions would be a "yes". What about you?


Anonymous said...

I have plenty of fears, but in this lifetime, money has not been a trigger. Couple that with the statement "what you focus on expands." If I didn't have enough would I be focused on wanting more which might trigger fears, which might trigger...... and so on? I have enough so I'm not focused on money much at all? I don't spend on things for myself much because I want to see my financial account grow or because I don't care about possessions? I'm a daytrader for a living and that's all about money, and the challenge of making it... I don't know the answers to your questions or my own, it's a mystery to me, and I'm okay with that right now..Thanks Two for opening this door!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb. Ok, now you've got me thinking. I am not currently blessed with financial security. And when I get up in the morning, I inevitably start worrying about survival issues... like how am I going to pay the electric bill AND fix the windshield wiper motor in my car... I no longer have credit cards and I worry about what if my precious dog needs veterinary care, or something else happens with my car... I need to go to the dentist, I'm overdue for a new pair of glasses and I worry about how I will pay for that...

It would be logical and easy to say that these worries are firmly grounded in my experience. That it makes sense to worry about stuff like that because it's.. well... survival issues. I was even going to talk about how lack of money comes from focusing on lack of money which comes from lack of money which means it's a catch 22.

Then I was going to ramble for a while about how much easier it is to not have fear of lack when there is no lack in your current experience... That it's way easier to be fearless about money when you have it.

But... then I realized. I do have money. Right now I am sitting in a room with the electricity on. Hot and cold water comes out of all the faucets. I have an internet connection. No one is threatening to foreclose on my home. I am well fed. Maybe even too much so. I can see just fine even though my glasses are 6 years old, and my teeth are not falling out of my head, nor do I have a toothache. So what's all that worry really about?

And then it occured to me that lots of women that I know, some who live alone, and some who don't, have a lot of fear and anxiety about being alone at home. They worry about being mugged, they worry about having their windows and doors securely locked, they worry about walking up to the front door of their own homes when it's dark.

But I NEVER worry about stuff like that. I live alone in a rural area, and I am never afraid that someone will break in, I don't worry about intruders or robbers etc. I KNOW that I am safe in that way. It doesn't even occur to me to be frightened. And it's not because I have never experienced violence or violation.

In my life I was once held at knife point for several hours by a crazy person on drugs.. Other worse things have happened to me... but I am not afraid to be alone at home. I try to remember to lock my doors at night because that just seems sensible... not because I am afraid. I am 100% sure that violence of that nature is not in the cards for me. And if it turns out that I'm wrong, I know that I can deal with it and it will be OK.

Interesting, isn't it?

I can stand up in front of a big room full of people and give a "talk" on just about any subject that I know a little something about and not be nervous. I could probably even pull it off with no notes... just talking off the top of my head.

But I can't walk into an art gallery and talk to someone about selling my art.

So... now I have a lot to think about. Thanks Deb, I am so glad you joined us!

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU!!!

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