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You're on your own for a few days!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Today we are depositing and spending twice as much money as yesterday. And I will be missing out on all the fun here at the Prosperity Project, because I will be gone for several days.

I'm going to be hanging out at a state park in Oklahoma, visiting my parents, and taking a few chill pills. There will be no access to internet or email, so you guys are really on your own.

I found this cool little calculator widget for you so that you can easily add up your daily deposits. I'm hoping that I will come back to lots of posts and comments about how things are coming along. I also hope to come back rejuvenated, rested, and relaxed.

Here are some motivational quotes to help keep you juiced and on target with your hopes, goals, and dreams:

You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life.
~Les Brown

It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.
~Claude M. Bristol

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.
~John Quincy Adams

History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.
~B. C. Forbes

For every mountain there is a miracle.
~Robert H. Schuller



Anonymous said...

Well! Today's the day. I finally have somewhere over sixty million dollars now saved, and i can complete my plan. i have a list of my closest friends and relatives, and then some that i know who just need it.....but here's how it works. i have set up, for each of those people, (Shirley, Saskia, Sydney, Cindy, Melissa, Daniel and Gary are all on this list because i love you) a high interest bank account with a million dollars in it. it's in my name because, why pay taxes twice? but it's all theirs, they have the debit card to the account. with a million dallars in the bank, after the first year, the income would be somewhere around forty thousand dollars a year just in interest. my hope is that everyone can take their money and do what they want with it, but live off the interest if they chose to do so.i love you all!!!! everyone on my list is one million dollars richer today and i have nothing. but tomorrow.....i will have all i would ever need. now i'll have to think about how to spend tomorrow's money!!!

Cindy H said...

Michelle, you are awesome! Thanks for including your friends!

I'm finally back in business with my computer finally fixed!!! That's always a good thing!! I feel like I have sort of missed out some on this month's project but will try to do something to seem like I'm catching up.

I did feel prosperous enough to order myself a new printer, since mine has bit the dust!

Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

well here i am again, but by this time i have accumulated so much money i can't keep track. i really enjoyed the idea of helping my friends and loved ones, and the traveling that would be so nice to do. funny little things have come to fruition for me, like the money that showed up for my bird. actually that was a big thing. a litle thing would be like, going to the gas s tation for java Monster and having the perfect change for that AND THAT"S ALL i had left, but it was on the point of just realizing that if i intend money into my future, it can happen by concentrating on the present. neat project. So far this is my second favorite one we have done; the gypsy magick being the first. Anyway, it has opened me up to ideas that i couldn't perceive before, and that's a good spiritual feeling.

Anonymous said...

cool! I really am glad you appear happy. I am too and love to travel the country and world with my wonderful muse,,love is so much better than money!

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