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Wrapping things up

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Well, today is our last day of Feng Shui and De-cluttering, so it's time to wrap things up and assess the effects this project had on our prosperity and our lives. So here is a questionaire to help bring things into focus:

  • Did you do the de-cluttering projects?
  • How well did they work for you?
  • Which one was your favorite?
  • What did you like most about the de-cluttering?
  • What did you like least?
  • How do you feel that the de-cluttering process impacted your life?
  • Are you going to participate in the 200 things idea?
  • Did you do any of the feng shui cures
  • Did they achieve the desired effect?
  • What happened?
  • What, if anything, did you learn about yourself?
  • Are you going to continue to use the principles of feng shui?

Overall, would you rate this months as a "success" with regard to being a path to prosperity?

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Cool huh?


Anonymous said...

Well, I suck because I didn't do any of it. Not that I didn't want to, I've just been having some health issues. I haven't been on this blog in awhile, and it seems to me that everyone that started just kinda fizzled out. I loved our commentary, even though I hated the prayer experiment....I loved the Gypsy Magick experiment and the little I got to do of it was awesome. But, truthfully, I think it was awesome because of the companionship I had while doing it. I have not been good about getting on the internet and checking this blog, or my email, or the websites, or any of the cool things that my very best friend has been doing and working so hard on. I suck. And, I'm sorry. But.....I will be better. I feel somewhat better these days, maybe my pain medicine is giving me a little more freedom. I know for sure that I will get rid of 200 things....and I will be participating in the mantra. I wish I could have done this feng shui experiment, but I think it will be valuable to look at when I finally do get to move. In fact, I was thinking of not even putting one thing in my house until it is blessed by my shaman friend and she has given her opnion on how feng shui will arrange my furniture. I hope that the rest of you get back on the bandwagon and put some heart into it. And, really, as for me, I will be better about posting my experiences. What the hell good use is this thing for anyone else in the future if no one says a word? Not to mention, putting all the work into keeping up a blog is considerable. I personally am very grateful for the information and encouragement I have found here, apart even from my friendship with Shirley. It takes a lot of committment, effort and forethought to come up with an undertaking this size and feed it so it continues to live. Kudos to've done an awesome job. And I'll sit on anyone who says differently!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I don't think you suck at all. So there!

As for the project:

Yes I did do most of the decluttering projects, and I thought they worked really well. What I liked most about the decluttering was that it seemed to free up my mental chatter as well. My favorite declutter, the one that had an almost immediate effect, and was the most simple was the one where we did the shoes in the closet.

Yes, I am participating in the 200 things.. and have gotten rid of 4 things so far, so I only have 196 things left to go.. LOL..

I did some of the feng shui cures, but not as many as I would have liked. The things I did do had an immediate and desired effect, so that was cool. I moved pictures around in my reputation/career areas and made my situation at work easier for myself.

As for what I learned about myself... hmm... that's harder to pin down.. I guess the most important thing I learned is how resistant I am to changing my patterns of behavior.

I am going to continue to use the principles of feng shui. Now that I know what they are I find it much harder to ignore them.

As for the success of the project, my goal was to have a job I liked, or like the job I have, and I feel that I have come a long way towards reaching that goal.

So, yes, in my opinion, feng shui really does work.

And hey, those wind chimes are cool. I wonder what they sound like.

Melissa J. said...

I didn't get to do as much of the feng shui and decluttering as I wanted to, because right now everything is about the new house and getting everything processed for that. But we are moving at the end of this month, so I will be able to put all the principles into practice very soon!

I do have a fireplace in my Children & Creativity area in my current home, so I took this beautiful lake painting my mother did and hung it over the fireplace, and I am having tons of creative ideas for my scripts, so that seems to have worked.

I put another waterfall painting my mother did in my Prosperity area, and I put the spindle from Gypsy Magic in that area also, with my paycheck stubs and the flyer from the Open House where we first saw our new house. It seems to be working!

I also put the names of my real estate agent and mortgage broker and the seller into an aluminum foil envelope in my Helpful People area. Things seem to be moving along smoothly with the new house, so I'd say it's working!

I agree with Michelle, I miss the commentary and dialogue we had that first month. But on the flip side, we all seem to be so busy with new developments (probably from all this prosperity work we've been doing!) and that's why nobody has time to post! So the fact we're all so busy is proof that our little group is powerful!

I didn't do as much decluttering as I could have, and yet I did more than I would have in a normal month. I will definitely keep using the timer to help me declutter for the rest of this month while I am packing for my move. I'm glad this next month's experiment is a daily mantra - THAT'S something I can handle! :)

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