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Winding down

Monday, May 14, 2007

The vanilla milkshake - three weeks later and it's a whole new world!
Art by Shirley Gibson

Well, our 30 days with Lady Luck is winding down, we only have a couple of more days left. Time to take stock, look at our results, and think about how well "she" worked for us. Here are some questions to consider:
  • What were your expectations?
  • Were they realized?
  • How much did you win?
  • How many lottery and/or scratcher tickets did you buy?
  • What did you learn?
  • What was the best part of this month's experiment?
  • What did you least enjoy?
  • Would you do it again?


Anonymous said...

Here is how Lady Luck worked for me:

1. I fully expected to win at least something.
2. None of the tickets I bought were winners - and that was disappointing.
3. Michelle shared a ticket with me, and found 2 pennies.. so far I have made $1.52
4. I bought 2 lottery tickets and 3 scratchers. None of those won anything at all.
5. I don't know that this month's project really "taught" me anything new.
6. I most enjoyed our "sweepstakes" get together. That was really fun. Thanks Melissa!
7. I least enjoyed buying losing tickets.
8. Since I don't feel that I took full advantage of the lottery by buying tickets every week, yes I would do it again.
9. I did call for prayer, but I didn't use the gypsy magic stuff, or do much with the feng shui. I also fell behind in my Ganesh mantra practice. In short, I'm not sure that I took full advantage of my resources this time around, and so in a way, I feel like it didn't work because of my own lack of participation.
10. I wonder how much better it would have worked for me if I would have really used all of our resources.. including the lucky charms... I wonder if I could get a bat to land on my head... LOL...

Anonymous said...

Did not feel lady luck was a friend of mine. I bought Power ball tickets every drawing, used the most often picked numbers and still got nothing not one match. Bought a few scratcher off, again nothing. I will probabley continue to buy one powerball ticket a week as a opening for the universe but not sure I will do research on numbers or anything, just let the machine pick them. I have learnt from other reading this month that we should not be asking God/the universe for anything that It knows what we need already and our only thoughts in prayer or meditation to feel/know the prescense of God and allow It to supply or need. That by focusing on outer things to fill our needs we are looking away from the true source of our needs. Basically it is all about trust.

Anonymous said...

This month, I did get some unexpected income - I won $100 on a Scratchers ticket a couple of days before my birthday - YAY! And I received an unexpected check for $165 the other day. I have been "Gum"ing and "Ling"ing over our sweepstakes entries as I mail them out from my lucky mailbox. I did not buy Powerball or Lotto tickets - just a couple of Scratchers tickets, so next time I might make sure I buy Powerball tickets too. I didn't do anything extra - I didn't call for prayer, I didn't use gypsy magic - I did stick with the million dollar experiment affirmation because I like it so much, and I cannot remember for the life of me the whole Ganesh mantra, so I just "Gum" as I'm driving around town, and now I'm "Ling"ing for luck too. Oh, I also had someone I don't even know (one of my dad's friends from church) book a hotel stay at my travel site, which was completely unexpected and most appreciated! So I did see some small results. My favorite sweepstakes newsletter editor tells us over and over that it takes 6 months from the time you start sending in sweepstakes entries before you will receive your first prize, and that is true 95% of the I am expecting each of us to start winning some cool prizes in the fall!!! Shirley, when did we start our prosperity project? Has it been six months yet? Let's check in with everyone at the six-month mark and see if we're starting to see the results of our efforts!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Melissa, we started our project in October, so it's been about 7+ months thus far.

Our projects so far have been:
2.gypsy magic
3.acts of kindness (over xmas)
4.feng shui and decluttering
5.ganesh mantra
6.million dollar experiment
7.lady luck

We have really been working hard at this! And I do think we are making definite progress... even though the dollars aren't piling up in my bank account, I really do feel way a lot closer to prosperity than I did when we first started.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's right about time for each of us to start seeing the results of our efforts! I think we just need to keep our eyes open to all the little ways it is sneaking into our lives. I remember the seedling picture with the roots stretching downward first and getting stronger before the green stem pushed through the surface of the soil. We have been doing all the strengthening work these last few months and clearing the way so that when we are flooded with our avalanche of abundance, our feet are firmly planted on the ground and we can continue to stand and share and bring blessings to our loved ones and the world, instead of being washed away in the turbulence like we would if we only had surface growth. I am ready! I think we are all ready!

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