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Our next project

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daniel and I have been working with a Joel Goldsmith prayer that feels really powerful, and I would really like to use it as our next project. I know that we have already done a "prayer" project - but this is so powerful, and feels so right, that I thought we might want to give it a try.

The concept is to tune into, come into alignment with our "source"... to allow the infinity of "all that is" to express through us. Not to ask for things, not to look ourside our selves for fulfillment, but to look within and and ask only to be close to "God".

He says: "Let us go to God for the joy of experiencing God and then see what God does." The prayer is found in the book, Practicing the Presence by Joel Goldsmith.

My idea is to post the prayer in much the same way that the Ganesh Mantra was posted - always at the top of the page. And I thought I would scour the internet for uplifting "God Source" images, quotes, and poetry and post them under the prayer so that there would be something new and interesting every day to look at.

Instead of focusing on money and "stuff", our goals would center around feeling connected with our "source", having a sense of peace and security despite appearances, finding clarity and guidance with regard to how to best manage our energy and our lives... etc...

What do you guys think? Does that sound OK?


Anonymous said...

Well, of course I love the idea since I am finding some powerful peace of mind through what I have been reading by Joel Goldsmith. Truely, I have been trying, and being mostly succesful with this, that whenever I am feeling upset or worried I ask myself, "is this what I want to be feeling right now?" and of course it is not and I remind myself what I really want which is to feel the presence of God, to KNOW the reality of God in my life. And seriously it is working I do feel more intune with God/the Universe. I feel more calm and much more peaceful. So Here Here to getting in touch with the source and letting ourselves be open to its bounty while connecting with the only thing that truely matters....Spirit

Anonymous said...

I am in! Anything that's easy and doesn't require me to purchase anything extra, anything that I can do any time of day without needing any special setup, I'm all for.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I haven't heard from everyone yet, but I think I might go ahead and start us off on this one.

Today is "Ascension Day"... and it's the new moon... so it just seems appropriate to me to start us off today.

Sound OK to everyone??

Anonymous said...

And I just noticed that today's "daily om" is "gifts from the universe" which seems appropriate as well...

I wonder what today's number is... wow... it's an 11 day... According to th Kabalah, eleven is the number of "The Fool" which means "blind movement" and "all-potential", my numerology book says it's the number for drawing upon cosmic forces..

Anonymous said...

My house address and also my phone # each add up to 11! It's one of the numbers for spiritual mastery - living in an 11 house, you will be able to master anything you choose. An 11 day is great to start our new project with!

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