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Visioning our Work

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is what employees at the Google Building in New York get to enjoy. Today we are visioning something even better for ourselves!

For Shirley: I get up in the morning, piddle around, drink a nice cup of organic Ecuadorian coffee, and think about how good it is to be alive. And then I get into my great little car and zip off to a work place that is fun, creative, interesting, and challenging. I see it as a large warehouse space filled with art projects, with a state of the art computer system, a hot tub, and other creative and interesting people whom I know and love. If I want to, I bring my dog - or my granddaughter - or a friend. At the end of the day, we all wind down with margaritas, or an ice cold Grolsh, and the hot tub. We laugh, we talk, we play, and money just pours in. It's not MY company, it's OUR company. We do what we do because we love it, we give generously of our time and talent because it feels so good to play in that way.

That's my perfect job!

For Daniel: I wake up every morning in my beautiful bedroom in my beautiful house, which by the way is #80 Janssen Pl. I have a breakfast of, oh, probably Orange juice, yogurt and toast and egg whites. After getting dressed I go into my office/library and look over my busy schedule of appointments. Mostly meeting with artists, gallery openings and fund raisers. This is the busy but satisfying life of a philanthropist. Yep, my dream job is to give away money. To support artists and the arts, to give scholarships to interesting kids so they can live thier dreams etc...

I have dreamt of this job since I was a kid, really, and I know the opportunity to start living it is unfolding know.

For Melissa: The desires of my heart for my career are to be independent and creative, and to create something that is lasting and touches people's lives. I want to feel fulfilled by my work, and to have just the right amount of challenge. I want to have many streams of income. I want to enjoy harmony and clear communication with my coworkers, and to receive the credit and recognition that I deserve.

For Michelle: For my career I would love for my children to have awesome education, and for me to be able to do and sell art as well, abundantly so.

For Cindy: I want a job where I don't need the money - all financial things are taken care of regardless. I see myself setting my own hours, getting up without setting an alarm clock, going to work - maybe even working at my home - where there are lots of animals around and whatever work I'm doing involves animals and their well-being. This "job" makes me feel loved and appreciated and makes me feel that I am making my mark in the world, making a difference!


Cindy H said...

I posted yesterday's blog late - sorry.

Shirley, I see you working at your perfect job in the near future. Your creativity is utilized for creative purposes as you and your co-workers enjoy much productivity and happiness together. There are children and dogs romping in the background and everybody is smiling, happy and at peace.

Daniel, I see you in your house on Jannsen Place, happily and easily going about your day of choosing the right and perfect recipients of your philanthropy. Your life is happy and rewarding and relaxing and peaceful.

Melissa, I affirm for you the perfect job coming to fruition, where you are allowed to be creative, independent and you receive multiple streams of income. Your work is done in harmony with others and you are truly shown appreciation as your work life is full of peace and joy.

Michelle, I see you pefectly and easily educating your children and creating an fun-flled learning environment for them. Your art is selling like hotcakes and you barely have enough time to make more, but you aren't pressured by this, just amused and happy.

Anonymous said...

Shirley I totally see you doing this and have for awhile. I may not have had all of these details but you are totally there. TO THE BLUE HOUSE!!!!

Cindy, Melissa and Michelle, I completely support you in seeing each of you spending every day of your lives enjoying the freedom to have, live and enjoy the right and perfect occupations for yourselves and your children. Living life to the fullest as you express the creative urges of your hearts.

Anonymous said...

Time is short tonight, but know that I am affirming that each of your heart's desires are coming fully into being in absolutely perfect ways, with all of the support and resources to anchor them in reality and keep them as a continuously ongoing miracle-come-true!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, Michelle, Melissa, and Daniel: I see for each of you that you are happily making money and creating lives that are filled with laughter, creativity, and love.

Daniel - I can't wait to visit you in your new house! And I think it will be so much fun when you come visit me in my new BLUE one, the one on the beach... you know it... we are going to have so much fun there! You ARE a philanthropist already!

Cindy - Your job is just itching for you to find it... it's banging at the door... soon... very soon... you will find yourself immersed in animals and fun.

Michelle - your children are getting the education that will bring out their biggest and best ideas and aspirations... and you are having more fun being creative than you have ever had before ever..

Melissa - I can see you signing contracts, shaking hands with hollywood moguls, and hanging out on movie sets. I can't wait to hear all about it.

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