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Visioning Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today we are affirming and visioning the following:

For Daniel: Beauty, is the first thing that comes to mind. A home that is not to big not to small. With plenty of storage space. No particular style is better than another but beauty is paramount. A place where my soul feels at home.

For Shirley: Space... lots of space inside and out. Room to breathe. Room to relax. My "dream home" has a private beach, a hot tub, and a swimming pool. There is a lot of light, green space, and holds a peaceful silence.

And my home right now has a lot of the above. Some important elements are missing (beach, hot tub, swimming pool) but there is light and peace. And I would just love if I could spend money fixing it up into something that really "rests" me.

So this or something better.

For Cindy:A very large house with lots of open space. There is a huge, 2-person soaker tub with jets in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is huge and not only contains a huge, king size bed, but a couch and a lounging couch. The entire bedroom has a 2nd floor balcony around it with bookshelves and places to sit and read and lots of windows, too.

The house is on acreage with a pond, a barn, several horses, an inground swimming pool and hot tub on the patio, as well as an outdoor reading bed. The house is located somewhere where there is no restriction on how many animals you have, and there are lots of animals!!

The house is always clean (cleaned by someone I hire), and there is plenty of room to entertain and have overnight guests. Downstairs, there is a workout room with a steam room, and also on that floor is a surround sound theater system with big, comfy reclining chairs and a huge t.v. screen.

The whole thing is in a private, safe setting far from the city lights, but close enough in to have all the city amenities available.

(updated Aug 17)

For Michelle: I would like to be able to purchase my current home and add onto it and make it mine.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, I see for you beauty surrounding you as you live peacefully in your perfect home.

Shirley, i see you with your toes in the sand and your face in the salt air with your dog at your side, looking into your comfy, warmly lit beach house.

Cindy, I see for you space to have everything you want and a maid and a stable hand! maybe a butler too....

Anonymous said...

Shirley I see you with all the space you need and crave. Warm air blowing gently as you gaze into azure blue water, soft white sand cushioning your every step. We have already seen you with all the money you need to fulfill your every creative urge so we know you are good to go.

Cindy, Don't know if this is exactly your style but remember that house the Clampetts lived in for the Beverly Hillbillies for some reason that is what I keep seeing for you. Hope you enjoy that Beverly Hills lifestyle and please have us all over to see your "cement pond".

Cindy H said...

Daniel, I see you in your very BEAUTIFUL home that is the perfect size for you. As beauty surrounds you and your loved ones in this home, your soul is home!! (And yes, you are welcome to swim in the cement pond whenever you like!!)

Shirley, I see you living in your right and perfect place with "wide open spaces" inside and out. I see lots of water, lots of green, lots of sand, lots of LIGHT and lots of peace.

And I see myself in my perfect house that I have custom designed, and having you all over to swim and watch movies in my theatre!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you guys, I was "out of area" for the last 2 days...

Daniel: You appreciate beauty and art so much, and your home already reflects this appreciation. I see for you ... and I really do see you showing off your new home, inviting friends to come over for fun and play... your home IS beautiful, and it IS filled with peace! When do I get to come over and enjoy the hot tub?

Cindy: You have envisioned your home perfectly, and it is just waiting for you to get moved in! I can't wait to come over for my first visit!

Michelle: That house is yours to do with as you choose! When you are ready to purchase it, the money and the financing will be there for you. When you are ready to add on and remodel it, the financing and the money will be there for you. I can't wait to see those house plans come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

Daniel: I affirm that you have your beautiful, perfect, comfortable home with plenty of space and everything your heart desires.

Shirley: I affirm that you have all the space you need and that you have a home you love and truly enjoy!

Cindy: I affirm that you have a large, open home with all the space you need and all the amenities you desire, in a safe and peaceful setting so that you can rest and just "be".

Michelle: I affirm that you are able to purchase your current home, or something better, so that all of your family's needs are easily met and you are happy and peaceful in your home.

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