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Saturday, August 11, 2007

(In complete faith and trust, speak into creation the desires of your heart)

What are the desires of your heart with regard to a vehicle?


Cindy H said...

I must sing thanks and praise for already having it! And completely and 100% owning it!!!

Back in January, my daughter was driving my Mazda Protege when a drunk driver hit her. Thankfully, nobody was injured, although it was a hit and run. I decided that even though I wasn't ready to buy a new car, since I had to, I should pick out that I wanted. I purchased a blue 2006 Jeep Liberty, and although I absolutely fell in LOVE with it, after I went on disability in May I could no longer make the payments. I decided to sell it and buy something cheap so I wouldn't have a car payment. I told my dad about it and the next day he called and told me he was going to pay the loan off for me so I could keep it! And he did!!

So thank you divine spirit for my perfect vehicle, a paid-for, blue 2006 Jeep Liberty! Even if I won the lottery, I am not sure I would give it up!!

Anonymous said...

My dream car is a white, Mercedes Benz 320Blue Tec station wagon. THat is owned by me free and clear. I love station wagons and this is rated as the most reliable with the best mileage which are both very important to me. Thank you in advance for this perfect car.

Anonymous said...

The desires of my heart are for Kurt and me to each have perfect transportation, however that looks, whether it's a paid-off Nissan Altima or a driver to chauffer me around town. I want the vehicle to have air conditioning and a CD player and get excellent gas mileage and require very little maintenance, and to be completely paid off.

Anonymous said...

The desires of my heart are that my little car, which is paid off, and whom I love very much... continues to run great. And when she gets old and frail... resources are made available to keep her in good running condition until she is ready to go to car heaven.

I want to be assured that I have right and reliable, safe and comfortable transportation.. that is paid in full.

And, if I could really have the car of my dreams... I would want a great little car to zip around town in and a van for transporting art and going on trips, both of which are environmentally sound, fully loaded with all the amenities, with excellent gas mileage and reliability. Something omfortable and fun.

Anonymous said...

Cindy! That is just awesome! It seemed like such a disaster when you were in the midst of all that chaos and worry right after the accident... and now... LOOK! You have the car of your dreams and it's paid for! WOW!

Life would be so much easier if we could just see lights at the ends of our tunnels.

Anonymous said...

In regards to a vehicle, the desires of my heart would be to be able to sell my van and have enough money out of it to buy my friend's van. This would mean i would get to drive the van that the sliding doors are automatic.
This would be perfect! Also, it would be great to have the newer van paid off, since we are asking for the world and are determined to get it....i love you guys and i will be back tonight. i just got to post again because my boyfriend's mom has internet. godd luck to everybody in their vehicular endeavors!

Anonymous said...

i meant good, but Godd it is....

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