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Invocation to Lord Melchizedek

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Beloved Grand Master Melchizedek, I call you forth into my life as a guiding force of God current. I ask for alignment with your thought-form of Sacred Wisdom. I ask to merge with your resplendent Light Body so that I may reflect the splendor of Universal benevolence and enlightenment. I ask to bathe in your Spacious Heart and in the refined frequencies that bear your hallowed golden signature.

Melchizedek, transport me up to the Thrones by your mercy and open my God Eyes so I may glimpse a reflection of my Origin. Help me drink in the image and lock the vision into the Present Now.

Help me to travel the pathways of memory, tracing my Divine Heritage, owning my Power, sensing my Glory, deciphering my distant past and Glorified future.

As I call my Spirit back into Me from all incarnations, Help me to come as I Am into the fullness of Who I am and walk the Earth.

Melchizedek, please fill me with your blessings and encodements of light. Activate my chakra system and higher bodies with the touch of your Rod of Power. Help me to be a true Melchizedek Initiate-reflecting love, wisdom, and power of the One Most High in my thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions. Help the Ideal become real to me. Thank you.



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