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Day Fourteen - Down time

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ok guys, I'm taking some much needed down time today... How about posting some progress reports. How are things going? Are you making progress? Not making progress? Anybody have unexpected income to report? Money coming in the mail? Money making ideas and opportunities?


Anonymous said...

If as they say, all the world is a projection, lets look outside and see what we are projecting. Is that lack I see in the supermarket parking lot? It lacks greenspace, it lacks friendly people, it lacks a grocery cart that works...? Can I really stop and see the abundance there? the great, smooth, abundance of places to park, the abundance of lines to help me know just how to do it, the abundance of people who are there to put an abundance of food on their shelves and making abundance for the teenage boy who pushes that long line of square-wheeled carts into the store - and - there is a penny - pick it up and take it home! Your fortune starts with that.

Anonymous said...

Okay. So I have no real money to report, but no new crises either. i'm rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everyone ready for my surgery. packing, shopping, cleaning, etc, etc, etc. And it was definitely worth the six cents I found in the drink tray at McDonalds to watch the biggest a-hole in the world drop ketchup all down the front of his stupid hawaiian shirt. There is still some joy in the world....

Melissa J. said...

I have received two insurance refund checks in the mail totaling $173, and Kurt got a birthday check in the mail for $39.
I am changing up the daily affirmation a little to keep it interesting for myself. Sometimes I will say
"In an easy and relaxed manner, I receive.
In a healthy and positive way, I receive.
In its own perfect time, I receive.
For the highest good of all, I receive."
It helps gets me to that receptive place more quickly.

Anonymous said...

I have received a gift of enough money to buy a new pair of shoes and another pair of jeans. Which was awesome and unexpected. I have also started an outsider art project and I think it has the potential for some good income from eBay. And more importantly, I have been doing a lot of inner work, moving huge chunks of blocked energy ~ making room for the expansiveness and freedom that I am.

Cindy H said...

This month has been good to me, very prosperous! I had a great tax refund and was able to not only start my travel business with it, but also buy some other things that needed taken care of. I feel very prosperous! I'm trying to keep in the receiving mode!

Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for the poor strange schmuck that dropped the ketchup on his shirt. How embarassing. I've done things like that before and see everyone stare at me ,,I then wonder how many were actually laughing at me. I then realize how little we have progressed hidden behind the facade of civilization.

Anonymous said...

Actually that "poor strange schmuck" was and continues to be a very difficult person in Michelle's life. He was emotionally and physically abusive to her and her children, and has somehow succeeded in achieving joint custody of the daughter he won't pay money to support. I love it that he dripped ketchup all over himself, even though normally, I have compassion for idiots. And I agree that we have not progressed very far in terms of civilization, especially when the courts allow dangerous people to have custody of children.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry.

I guess a little ketchup can be good revenge. ;)

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