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Day Nineteen - Planting Seeds

Friday, March 30, 2007

Every idea is a seed, and will bring forth according to its character, modified somewhat by the kind of mind soil in which it is planted. There is a law of growth in mind parallel with that of earth. A thistle seed will always produce thistles, regardless of the character of the soil; a low ideal will likewise work out low conditions in a high type of mind.

You may be a giant in strength today, but if you get into your mind the thought of sickness it will bring you down as surely as if you were a weakling. So with every thought that finds lodgment and at the same time credence in your mind; it will produce fruit of its kind just as surely as will the material seed planted in the earth.

It goes through a similar process of growth also. It does not always spring forth at once and rapidly come to fruition, but it goes through a methodical series of changes, from inertness to tiny sprout, away deep down in the consciousness, where it is not observed by the exernal thinking mind.

In due course it sends out a shoot in the direction of external consciousness, which finally comes to the surface in some discord or some harmony. The time of planting is usually so remote that even he who knows the law of growth from thought to thing cannot remember when he sowed the seeds that are manifest in his consciousness as thistles.

from the Atom Smashing Power of the Mind
by Charles Filmore


Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed right away is that in the picture of the bean sead sprouting, the outer protective covering had to be released in order for the seed to begin to grow. I also noticed how it grew downwards (inwards) first, and upwards second.

This has really got me thinking...

It occurs to me that if I am trying to sprout an idea (in this case a million dollars comes easily to me), that I better make sure it has good soil, adequate moisture, plenty of space and air and room to really take root, and that nobody (meaning me) steps on it... not only that, but I probably need to allow it time to become comfortable enough within me to release that outer protective coating...

And I'm wondering how much competition there is, how many weed "seeds" sprouting all around it..

Wow.. I could really go places with this analogy...

Shirley Twofeathers said...

At the very bottom of the page is a quote that I found the other day... it is especially relevant to today's post. And gives us even more food for thought today.

Cindy H said...

The observations are interesting that you pointed out about how the plant grows DOWN first, too! I am trying to plant happy little seeds of joy and prosperity!! And like you said, not trample them! Or give up on them! And release the outer protective shell! Wow - easier said than done!

Anonymous said...

It's so synchronous that you mention seedlings and that they have to go down before they reach for the heaven. That is what I feel with this giant chessboard board that we are creating to beautify the school courtyard. The squares have been painted and the art class will paint the border of the 100 square yard chess board with Native American art and pictures of the local scenery and indigenous wildlife. There are only a few teachers that support me on this project and many even walk over the board in disrespect but I sense how the students are anticipating playing some human chess where they will be dressing up in costumes. I feel that this could be the beginnings of annual event to boost the self esteem of the community but we have to go through so many hoops and my own costs...I just pray that this seedling will blossom.

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