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Day Twenty - Are you willing to receive?

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here is an interesting anecdote from "Even Mystics Have Bills To Pay" by Jim Rosemergy.

Often when I speak about prosperity, I begin the lesson by holding up fifty dollars and saying, "Who deserves this fifty dollar bill?" It is amazing, but only a few hands go up. I invite the first person I see with a raised hand to come forward and take the money. Then I say: "Why wasn't everyone's hand up? How do you expect to receive the wonders and riches of the kingdom of heaven if you do not believe you deserve fifty dollars?"

I remember doing the same thing at a direct marketing sales meeting. These people planned to prosper and envisioned themselves becoming rich. Amazingly, when I offered the money no one raised their hand. After waiting in silence for someone to act, my wife, who accompanied me, raised her hand. She received the money.

The truth is that often we do not feel deserving. We think we are unworthy, and therefore, in subtle ways, we say no to God and to the most basic prosperity.

This is interesting isn't it? I wonder what I would have done had I been at that meeting. I wonder if I feel deserving of a million dollars. And if not, how much do I feel deserving of? And what does that mean anyway, to deserve?


Anonymous said...

I tried to read that book and I found that comment/story to be one of the few highpoints of the book. I think the key word is definetly "deserve". I would like to think I'd raise my hand but not completely sure I would.

Anonymous said...

If I was in a group of people I felt comfortable with, a group of friends... I would have raised my hand for sure. But not necessarily because I know I am "deserving", more likely because I am a smart ass, and I like to test the envelope.

However, if I was in a group of strangers, people I didn't know very well, or a group in which I felt uncomfortable or shy, I wouldn't have raised my hand even if he held up a one dollar bill. And not necessarily because I didn't feel "deserving" but because I wouldn't want to be noticed, or put "on the spot" in any way.

Do I think I "deserve" a million dollars.. the anwer to that is definitely "NO". Do I think I "deserve" fifty dollars? For "doing" nothing? the answer again is "NO".

When I sit with the word "deserve" I hear all kinds of self talk, like : you'll never measure up! how stupid can you get? what the hell do you think you're doing? why would you be good enough for that? who do you think you are, anyway? well maybe if you would have (insert any number of statements) a long time ago! or the ever present: You? (incredulous tone, eyes rolling, look of disbelief).

And then there's the ever present... If you don't watch out, you'll get what you deserve! So be careful, shut up, stop it... etc.

Looks like I need an inner exorcism!

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