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Our Spring Garage Sale

Thursday, March 29, 2007

On Memorial Day weekend we will be completing our De-Cluttering project by having a garage sale at Melissa's newly vacated townhouse. So lets get busy. If you are participating in the 200 Things Project, here's a perfect opportunity to really make some progress.

If you have any questions about location or logistics, email Shirley or Melissa, or post your question and we'll make sure you get the information.


Shirley Twofeathers said...

Melissa, do you need help getting ready for this? Do we need to plan to advertise it? When do we need to bring our stuff over? Who all is going to be able to participate? And in what capacity?

Anonymous said...

Let's plan an evening a few days beforehand to get everything set up in the garage. As far as I know, you, me and Cindy are all available for May 26th. I think we should advertise it - how much does it cost to put an ad in the KC Star? We should also list it on Craig's List like you suggested, if it's free. The day of the sale, I will try to be there by 6 a.m. I know there are early-riser shoppers and we should be open for business for them. Let's plan to close up shop about 11:00 or noon and then we can go to lunch together at Panera Bread around the corner, or wherever everyone wants to go!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I am wondering how the garage sale went. I inadvertantly overslept and missed the whole thing! My five little alarm clocks failed to wake me up (Cinnamin, Jesse, Happy, Bella, and Bianca)... So I feel bad about my lack of participation, and have as yet not heard how it went. I think it rained most of the morning, didn't it?

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