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Day Fifteen - Abundance Meditation

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sit in a comfortable position. Be aware of your feet or your buttocks touching the ground. Feel the strength and suppleness of your spinal column and begin to gently breathe in and breathe out.

Allow your breath to flow freely, smoothing out and relaxing your entire being. If you feel any tension or resistance, breathe into that place and gently invite release. You may voice a long "aah" on the exhalation, to assist with the release.

As you release the breath remain aware of all the places in your body where you are holding on, trying to maintain control out of scarcity. Gently release your energy into the ever-present current of life.

You are plugging in to a circulating electric current that fills you and enlivens you. With every breath, feel yourself more deeply in the current. You can now feel yourself being supported by the earth, as if your entire being is rooted and is receiving nourishment.

As the breath drops you down deeper and deeper into the earth, allow your body to be breathed by the rhythm of life itself. Your breath connects you with the flow of the tides and the seas and the movement of the stars.

Your rhythm is the rhythm of life - the changing seasons, the progression from dawn to dark to dawn again. The current is ever present and it fills you, energizes you, permeates your entire being.

You feel the flow of the unlimited life force, the energy that is ever available as you let go and align yourself with its beauty., it's power, it's presence. Feel your being harmonized in this moment. Allow the fullness of existence to enter you and work through you. Feel free, open, and easy in this flow of ever-abundant energy.

From this state affirm to yourself: "This abundance, this flow, is the natural energy of being itself, and I am ever supported by this flow of energy."

Breathing in and out, lightly and easily letting yourself expand to receive the fullness of the life force, allow an image of abundance to arise from deep within and enter your consciousness. Do not force it.

Just ask and it will form within - an image, literal or abstract - a gift from your inner wisdom that shows you a form of abundance. The image need not be understood. Just allow it to form and then hold it in mind, feeling it energizing you.

As you breathe in and out, slowly return and integrate within your physical form, keeping the image alive, knowing that you can return to it at any time to remember the reality of the life force. The image of abundance affirms regenerative trust from deep within.

from Creating the Work You Love by Rick Jarrow
art by Cathy Wood "Wealth"


Anonymous said...

I just noticed that today's Daily Om dovetails nicely with the abundance meditation.

I took a mental health day yesterday, and I went outside to lay flat on the ground and allowed all my angst, agony, anger, fear, anxiety, grief, negativity, and toxic thinking to drain into the earth.

It took a really long time, and felt really really good. I should have soaked in epsom salts afterwards, because this morning I woke up and I am stiff and sore as if I walked 40 miles carrying a 40 lb back pack... LOL.. maybe I did!

Then, this morning I find this meditation... how cool is that? I'm going to go do it right now.

Cindy H said...

I think I must need a mental health day! I know Michelle is having health issues and I am fighting hard to not join her! Today I also feel stiff and sore and in horrible pain and it is so very difficult to be in a positive, receptive mood when you physically don't feel well. I'm trying not to show it but I feel lower than low today. I'll try the meditation tonight when I get home.

Anonymous said...

i'll tell you what it is the frontal weather moving through. every time the barometric pressure rises and drops, i feel like i am going to die. i wish i had some way to tell you to fix it, but i myself seem to be constantly working on pain issues and keeping it somewhat handleable, without resorting to narcotic drugs. i do know, however, that the level of my pain increases greatly with the rise and fall of barometric pressure. one thing you can do is try to take a few NSAID type drugs, like advil or aleve...this will calm any inflammation you have. unless you are like me and have taken them so long that they no longer work.
this meditation is really neat....i love it. i am going to print it out and take it with me to the may be the last quiet time i have for twenty years! :)

Anonymous said...

I wish you a rejuvenating relaxing time and you are released of your pain!

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