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The Advancing Man

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I have said in the last chapter applies as well to the professional man and the wage-earner as to the man who is engaged in mercantile business.

No matter whether you are a physician, a teacher, or a clergyman, if you can give increase of life to others and make them sensible of the fact, they will be attracted to you, and you will get rich. The physician who holds the vision of himself as a great and successful healer, and who works toward the complete realization of that vision with faith and purpose, as described in former chapters, will come into such close touch with the Source of Life that he will be phenomenally successful; patients will come to him in throngs.

No one has a greater opportunity to carry into effect the teachings of this book than the practitioner of medicine; it does not matter to which of the various schools he may belong, for the principle of healing is common to all of them, and may be reached by all alike. The Advancing Man in medicine, who holds to a clear mental image of himself as successful, and who obeys the laws of faith, purpose, and gratitude, will cure every curable case he undertakes, no matter what remedies he may use.

In the field of religion, the world cries out for the clergyman who can teach his hearers the true science of abundant life. He who masters the details of the science of getting rich, together with the allied sciences of being well, of being great, and of winning love, and who teaches these details from the pulpit, will never lack for a congregation. This is the gospel that the world needs; it will give increase of life, and men will hear it gladly, and will give liberal support to the man who brings it to them.

What is now needed is a demonstration of the science of life from the pulpit. We want preachers who can not only tell us how, but who in their own persons will show us how. We need the preacher who will himself be rich, healthy, great, and beloved, to teach us how to attain to these things; and when he comes he will find a numerous and loyal following.

The same is true of the teacher who can inspire the children with the faith and purpose of the advancing life. He will never be "out of a job." And any teacher who has this faith and purpose can give it to his pupils; he cannot help giving it to them if it is part of his own life and practice.

What is true of the teacher, preacher, and physician is true of the lawyer, dentist, real estate man, insurance agent - of everybody.

The combined mental and personal action I have described is infallible, it cannot fail. Every man and woman who follows these instructions steadily, perseveringly, and to the letter, will get rich. The law of the Increase of Life is as mathematically certain in its operation as the law of gravitation; getting rich is an exact science.

The wage-earner will find this as true of his case as of any of the others mentioned. Do not feel that you have no chance to get rich because you are working where there is no visible opportunity for advancement, where wages are small and the cost of living high. Form your clear mental vision of what you want, and begin to act with faith and purpose.

From: The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles

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Any thoughts or ideas?


Anonymous said...

It's true! I was thinking after reading this chapter that no matter what your job or activity is, if you are doing it with the purpose and intent of SHARING something higher than yourself with those you are in contact with, you FEEL successful much more easily. So if you are FEELING the success, the rest falls in place. If you are happy and your vibration is strong, I do truly believe people are attracted to you, particularly people with like vibration. Positive, happy and eager people who can reinforce your purpose and make it fun.

Here is a very simple example. I need to visit the bank almost daily for work. It's a bit of a chore to get the deposit together and make the short trek over there and back, but it's a great opportunity. I try and greet or smile at everyone I can and see how many I can get to make eye contact or smile or even say hello! (Some are really tough). My purpose in going to the bank can be done with joy and hopeful expectation. I feel like my little chore is important because there might be one or two people whose only contact with another human that day might be my hello. Yesterday was a fantastic success on the bank trip! Oddly, I was very tired, rather cranky and weak feeling. But this is my MISSION! So I smiled and said hello and the response was HUGE. People were really FRIENDLY, happy, chatty, kind. WOW! I even looked to see if my zipper was down or something. It's as if knowing my purpose, they were attracted to assist and support me, even on a low energy day. These are strangers, mind you!

So anyway, I think this chapter made sense. Feel your strong intent and move forward with your mission and share with others the positive energy and it comes back around to propel you along your path. Bravo Mr. Wattles!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I love your idea of being "on a mission" - and then sticking with it even when your energy is low.

Several years back, I worked at a job where it seemed like nobody was very friendly to me - and I got this idea that I would say something complimentary to every person I spoke to. The idea WASN'T that then every one would like me - the idea was to test and see if it's really true that you get what you give out ...

Anyway - it worked really well. Pretty soon everyone was very friendly to me - and I got an amazing amount of support and love from the people in my workplace.

So - yes - this works, and is worth doing daily.

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