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It Matters What You Want

Friday, February 13, 2009

  • The universe desires you to have everything you want to have.
  • Nature is friendly to your plans.
  • Everything is naturally for you.

Make up your mind that this is true.

It is essential, however, that your purpose should harmonize with the purpose that is in All.

You must want real life, not mere pleasure or sensual gratification. Life is the performance of function; and the individual really lives only when he performs every function, physical, mental, and spiritual, of which he is capable, without excess in any.

You do not want to get rich in order to live swinishly, for the gratification of animal desires; that is not life. But the performance of every physical function is a part of life, and no one lives completely who denies the impulses of the body to a normal and healthful expression.

You do not want to get rich solely to enjoy mental pleasures, to get knowledge, to gratify ambition, to outshine others, to be famous. All these are a legitimate part of life, but the man who lives for the pleasures of the intellect alone will only have a partial life, and he will never be satisfied with his lot.

You do not want to get rich solely for the good of others, to lose yourself for the salvation of mankind, to experience the joys of philanthropy and sacrifice. The joys of the soul are only a part of life; and they are no better or nobler than any other part.

You want to get rich in order that you may eat, drink, and be merry when it is time to do these things; in order that you may surround yourself with beautiful things, see distant lands, feed your mind, and develop your intellect; in order that you may love men and do kind things, and be able to play a good part in helping the world to find truth.

But remember that extreme altruism is no better and no nobler than extreme selfishness; both are mistakes.

Get rid of the idea that God wants you to sacrifice yourself for others, and that you can secure his favor by doing so; God requires nothing of the kind.

What he wants is that you should make the most of yourself only by getting rich; so it is right and praiseworthy that you should give your first and best thought to the work of acquiring wealth.

Remember, however, that the desire of Substance is for all, and its movements must be for more life to all; it cannot be made to work for less life to any, because it is equally in all, seeking riches and life.

From: The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles

Castle Wallpaper
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Are your desires well balanced?
Do you take equal care of body, your mind, your spirit?
Which of the three are you most likely to neglect?


Anonymous said...

I'm getting this! I'm getting this! I was telling myself last night "I want to be rich to travel, learn, to help others, to enjoy the world and all it has to offer, to joyously raise my spiritual vibration so that each day I can pass a little of that light on as I go about my business..and dammit, it's ok if I want that! God wants that for all of us!" So I read today's message from Mr. Wattles and I feel in sync!! Yes! A far better sttitude than the beginning of the project!!!

To answer the question, I think I'm pretty well balanced body, mind, and spirit but there are always days where the weight shifts and one or the other is neglected. I DO ignore my own needs and focus on my family in such a way that depletes me rather than energizes me at times. I do this because I feel I should. "If I love them, I will sacrifice to prove it". But sometimes that can lead to bitterness and then that precious balance is thrown off. Learning to bring my own desires up to an equal importance will help my overall equilibrium and certainly end up making my family happier in the long run.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I especially like the "Nature is friendly to your plans."

As for the question about balance - I tend to totally forget about my physical body. For me - mind is first, soul is a close second.

Balance is so important - and I don't know that I've ever had it.

Mark said...

Balance is such an art, the art of Life. The measure of a life well lived is the masterful expression of All that I Am, and this quest for balance is something that i strive for, and perhaps I would best allow this balance to find itself in me, by not pushing, pulling, being impatient, frustrated or complaining. My life isn't in balance, and perhaps this is something that always needs attention, to listen, to be attentive, and to be present to the needs of whatever is around me, and which forms me. I don't take care of my health as well as i know that i should, for instance, and push my body in ways that i know are not healthy. I worry too much, and create stress in my mind, and my body. I feel heartbroken and regretful of things that have passsed, things that i have loved and lost, and suffer from these feelings of loneliness, abandonment and guilt. That's what's big for me lately, and something that I must allow to pass away and be left where they belong - in the past which is no more. Being present is such a vital aspect of living, and being present is an art, cultivated through gratitude, attentiveness, and love. I wish it were so simple as just to "be present", but the mind plays it's tricks, and 'gets in the way' of being present, with it's endless chatter, endless inward focus, and not being engaged fully in what's happening in the world, with no things coming to mind which would bring me out of this present moment. Why is this seemingly such a challenge? What is the secret to being present, and knowing that what i ask is always given, and that there's no use in wanting it anymore once it's been asked for, but to enjoy the receiving of it?

It comes back to the old struggle of being self-less, being in the world, and listening, watching, feeling, participating, being joyful and content, without wants but just enjoying experience of being. So basic, so simple, but somehow something that's so challenging. Maybe it's just a matter of being grateful always, always.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Being present - mark - thank you for saying that. I really needed to be reminded of it. And I too wonder why it seems to be such a challenge.

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