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The First Principle of the Science of Getting Rich

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thought is the only power which can produce tangible riches from the Formless Substance. The stuff from which all things are made is a substance which thinks, and a thought of form in this substance produces the form.

Original Substance moves according to its thoughts; every form and process you see in nature is the visible expression of a thought in Original Substance. As the Formless Stuff thinks of a form, it takes that form; as it thinks of a motion, it makes that motion. That is the way all things were created. We live in a thought world, which is part of a thought universe.

The thought of a moving universe extended throughout Formless Substance, and the Thinking Stuff moving according to that thought, took the form of systems of planets, and maintains that form. Thinking Substance takes the form of its thought. Holding the idea of a circling system of suns and worlds, it takes the form of these bodies, and moves them as it thinks. Thinking the form of a slow-growing oak tree, it moves accordingly, and produces the tree, though centuries may be required to do the work. In creating, the Formless seems to move according to the lines of motion it has established; the thought of an oak tree does not cause the instant formation of a full-grown tree, but it does start in motion the forces which will produce the tree, along established lines of growth.

Every thought of form, held in thinking Substance, causes the creation of the form, but always, or at least generally, along lines of growth and action already established.

The thought of a house of a certain construction, if it were impressed upon Formless Substance, might not cause the instant formation of the house; but it would cause the turning of creative energies already working in trade and commerce into such channels as to result in the speedy building of the house. And if there were no existing channels through which the creative energy could work, then the house would be formed directly from primal substance, without waiting for the slow processes of the organic and inorganic world.

No thought of form can be impressed upon Original Substance without causing the creation of the form.

Man is a thinking center, and can originate thought. All the forms that man fashions with his hands must first exist in this thought; he cannot shape a thing until he has thought that thing.

And so far man has confined his efforts wholly to the work of his hands; he has applied manual labor to the world of forms, seeking to change or modify those already existing. He has never thought of trying to cause the creation of new forms by impressing his thoughts upon Formless Substance.

When man has a thought-form, he takes material from the forms of nature, and makes an image of the form which is in h is mind. He has, so far, made little or no effort to co-operate with Formless Intelligence; to work "with the Father." He has not dreamed that he can "do what he seeth the Father doing." Man re-shapes and modifies existing forms by manual labor; he has given no attention to the question whether he may not produce things from Formless Substance by communicating his thoughts to it. We propose to prove that he may do so; to prove that any man or woman may do so, and to show how.

from: The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles.

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WOW! I love the way he explains this. And it brought up a wealth of questions and food for thought:

Here on The Prosperity Project, we've tried to "impress" your thoughts on "Original Substance" using a number of different techniques.
Did you get discouraged when you had less than instant results?
Did you change your mind about what you wanted?
Did you feel undeserving?

I wonder...
how many things were set in motion and then abandoned due to discouragement, or confusion.
I wonder how much of what we "asked" for is sitting in some "storage area" right now just waiting for us to come and claim it.

Take a look around at what you have claimed...
Does your environment, your health, your financial situation reflect chaos? order? conflict? confusion? clarity? or what?
Would it be helpful to start a list of those things that you have because you set those forces in motion? Would it be even more helpful to remember how you felt when you wanted it? and how long it actually took to receive it?

Talk to me guys!


Anonymous said...

you know, my mistake is to let go of the image i have of what i want, to give up, to get distracted, to be afriad that it is not what i want after all....i get distracted, discouraged, hopeless,i move on, i try something else. today i will start a dream board (once again) and finish it and post it where i can see it everyday. the visuals wil help. and yes he put is quite succinctly, lovely man. use thought as a venue for manifesting, not too complicated.
my environment reflects confusion, some chaotic order, a few great manifesting results, and my financial situation reflects/creates conflict at times...what i really want is clarity....the curse of all lightworkers...delibes here...asking for clarity... we thank you

Shirley Twofeathers said...

delibes: I do the exact same things! I am so totally familiar with the letting go, giving up, getting distracted, discouraged, hopeless, the constant moving on...

It was very helpful to me to look around and see what I HAVE manifested - the things that DID come to me. Some came easily and quickly - like a miracle almost. For example, I wanted kittens - but didn't have the time to pursue ads in the paper or the money to adopt from the pound. So what happened? A little cat simply showed up at my door, and guess what? She's pregnant. Looks like I'll be having as many kittens as I want.

Other things came much more slowly and after a huge expenditure of energy and money - my home - is a good example.

I found it very informative to really look at all my "stuff" with that thought of "I caused this to be here" in my mind. Particularly when I was pondering the mouldering dishes in the sink, the clutter on the table, the overflowing pile of bills... it was VERY illuminating!

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