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A Rambling Post Saying I'm Back Online and Other Stuff

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi guys, I'm back online and scrambling to catch up. Have you had anything interesting or informative happen in the interim? I did.... and I'll share it here:

I have been noticing how very often I can think of something, and almost immediately get it. Here are some of my examples:

One morning, I woke up feeling overwhelmed with the messiness of my house and my inability to summon the energy or find the time to do anything about it... I sent out the thought "Help! I need help." Just 45 minutes later, my mom ordered me - (and it was very much an order) - to hire one of my daughter's friends to clean my house for me once a week, and insisted that she would send me the money to pay for it. All because I said, and these were my exact words, "I just wish I had some help keeping the house clean." It was so simple and so complete...

And then there was the day that I forgot my lunch, and was feeling really hungry and aggravated. I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could have some fried rice for lunch. Maybe order it and then run up and get it.. " But it was a really busy day, I was wet and dirty (being a dog bather is a super messy job), I didn't have much cash with me... so I just kind of let the idea go. Twenty minutes later, Tammy (my boss) decided that she wanted take-out, Chinese sounded good to her, she was buying, and next thing you know I was eating exactly what I had wanted to be eating - didn't cost me anything, and I didn't even have to go get it. It wasn't even "my" idea!

Most recently, I woke up with the thought that it would be really cool if I could leave work early. I didn't want to put any kind of a damper on business, so I wasn't visualizing that work would be slow, I just had it in my mind that it would be cool if I could leave work early. So... things were humming along, lots of dogs scheduled for grooming, I was a little disappointed, but still thinking that maybe... just maybe... Then, the phone rang, my granddaughter was sick and someone had to pick her up from school. My daughter (whom I work with) was buried up to her neck in dogs and unable to go, my son-in-law didn't have the car, the other grandmother was unreachable... so, guess who left work early? Yep. Me. It worked out exactly how I thought it up - only thing was, I had to go BACK to work and finish out the day, and ended up having to work twice as hard to catch up. Which got me thinking about how important it is to be specific!

So... if I can get those things just by thinking about them, what is it that I'm thinking about that causes me to have the kind of day I am having today? Or the kind of day I had yesterday? Is it really possible that I somehow impressed on the "Thinking Stuff" (as Mr. Wattles calls it) that my computer needed a virus? That I shouldn't have working brakes on my car? Or that hot water cannot come out of my faucets at home? And what about all those other little and larger annoyances that seem to follow me around lately? Did I wake up one morning and say, "Today I want to have a zero balance in my checking account?" or "I'd just love it if my son-in-law would start a grass fire and melt all the siding off the back of my house?" (Yes... that did actually happen.)

For the project, I've been posting images of castles so that we could start thinking big. I don't know if I'm thinking big, but I've certainly been thinking... alot ... So here's a picture of what my "castle" might possibly look like! LOL! Ok... well, I guess it's back to the drawing board for me!

Castle Wallpaper
(Click on the image to view fullsize and download as wallpaper.)

So, hey guys, what does your "castle" look like? How big is your "field of dreams"? What stumbling blocks are you committed to keeping in place?


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