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Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Have a loverly day!


Anonymous said...

just to let everyone know Two Feathers is experiencing technical difficulties due to a virus. Will be back soon as hair tearing and wailing have abated.

Cindy H said...

Get well soon, computer! We miss our leader!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Well... I'm back online - FINALLY - and blogging from my laptop. The hair tearing and wailing are abating... somewhat... hopefully my "real" computer will be fixed soon. I am so deeply grateful for this little laptop - thank you so much Sandra.

Mark said...

I love this message!

Competition is old world and so senseless! How much did i go thorugh as a kid, struggling to deal with my conflicting feelings, not wanting to compete on the soccer teams, but wanting to run, to see how well i could do against my last run, and not to beat someone else! I was prodded and teased for not being competitive enough, for not wanting to beat the other guy, killing the competition, taking over. I enjoyed playing the piano, reading poetry, writing, canoodling with computers, and not it all makes so much sense. The world tried to beat me into submission to the ideas of competition, greed, profits, gaining, wiping out the competition, agressive practices, being rivalrious and enjoying it, even celebrating it on Super Bowl Sundays (YIKESSSSS!!!)

Well, I am so happy to hear this message, it really warms my heart. We are certainly co creators with our Creator, with Creation, and as we think and dream out hearts desires, and row row row out boat, gently down the stream, awakening gently and beautifully to the Truth, through our lessons of love, through our capacities of creating, and enjoying and being grateful for all the wonders and marvels and goodness that life all it's amazing experinces gives us each and every prescious moment!

We learn to be rich, and to grow as creators in our quest for the Truth, for the awakening of All That We Are, to see the wonders that Creation gives us, endlessly as we contribute to it's unfolding endlessly, effortlessly, joyfully, and painlesly, through the gentle, and loving guidance of that wonderful loving One who keeps showing us the way to our Hearts.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I hope that we evolve to that higher level where one with each other... where we quit competing with each other for limited food and space...where we learn to give and share with one another...that would be beautiful if we learned to live harmoniously with this small world..

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