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Wrapping Things Up

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a fool does last
a wise man does first...

I love that quote, even though, once again I'm probably doing the "first" thing last!

As you can see, I haven't quite caught up with myself here on The Prosperity Project... looks like I'm having some problems with time management and it doesn't help that my internet connection gets really really slow whenever it rains and it's been raining alot here in the Midwest. So, while we wait for me to get The Occulatum project wrapped up, I thought I'd share this email I got a while back from one of our readers.

Hi Shirley,
I don't know if anyone would like to know this, but I just published a book of Poetry called, Poems for a Positive Day. If you know anyone interested in poetry of this kind, they can go to and see the link. My blog has a lot of poetry on there as well.

Donna Cavanagh

We do have many talented people who visit this blog and participate in our projects. If you are one of them, and would like to say a few words about yourself, or if you have a website, myspace or facebook page, blog, book, or anything you'd like us to know about, now is a good time to talk about it. Plug it, sell it, brag about it! Don't be shy. You might also enjoy exploring the links in our sidebar.

As for our next project, I'm hoping to get started on that as soon as the Thanksgiving Insanity at my house is over and done with and the mess is cleaned up.


Erika L Soul said...

Hi Shirley, my name is Erika and I love to give wonderful service to wonderful people via my Soul guidance readings and my Rainbow healing therapies.
I have a website called Rainbow Healings and two blogs one is Daily Divine Blessings and I put a lot of healing resources on these that I share with my clients as I am always teaching what I learn and learning what I teach. So if anyone would like to visit these feel free. I am on Skype as Erika.L.Soul and Facebook (here's that link), and also on Healing International, I have a Divine Angel Treasures email list people subscribe to where I send out any treasures I find to share and ones I create too. All of this I share for free its only when people want a private reading~healing session or come to a healing circle that there is a cost which helps supports my work .
There are many other places I am on too like pygmy possum and Gumtree, this has made me realise I could put a list together and put this on my website for people to access me. Then I will remember too where I am placed On the Internet!
Love Blessings and Prosperity to all
Erika L Soul

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