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As Good As Your Word

Friday, March 26, 2010

The day after I made the decision to do a project on "Keeping Our Commitments," this post on Promises showed up on the Daily Om:

Be careful with the promises you make as they are energetic vows taken seriously by our souls and the universe.

Ever since human beings could speak to one another, they have been making promises and keeping them or not keeping them. Those who keep their promises are regarded as people of integrity, while those who don’t keep their promises are regarded as people who at best can’t be taken seriously and at worst can’t be trusted. Sometimes we forget how powerful our words are, and we use them haphazardly or unconsciously, creating expectations that are never fulfilled, leaving disappointment and distrust in our wake.

On an even deeper level, there are promises we may have made to ourselves that we don’t remember because they have slipped into our unconscious. An early heartache may have been followed by a promise never to trust love again. Without realizing it, we may be fulfilling that promise and wondering why our love life looks so grim. At an even deeper level, many people who recall past lives become aware that they made a promise lifetimes ago that they are still keeping. For example, a vow of poverty taken in a lifetime as a monk may be holding someone back from fulfilling his earning potential now.

Upon realizing that we have made a promise we no longer wish to be beholden to, we can perform a ritual of requesting release from that bond. In doing so, we clear ourselves of outmoded connections and patterns, returning ourselves to a clean slate. Then we can resolve to remember that our word is sacred and to be very conscious of any promises we make to ourselves or to others.

We may ask to be released from any promises made to ourselves or others in our present, past, or future lives, consciously or unconsciously, that are holding us back from fulfilling our greatest good. We may ask that love, light, and healing be sent to any souls who have suffered from our inability to be true to our word, including ourselves. We can ask for the wisdom to do our best and from this point forward to be true to our word, promising only what we truly intend to deliver. The resulting clear conscience and liberated energy will illustrate this truth: We are only as good as our word.


Cindy H said...

Yesterday was my "day 1" of this project and even though I was home and had written myself a note, I forgot in the morning and didn't remember until later in the day to bless all my food.

This morning, even though I was NOT at home when I got up, I DID remember the project and to bless my food and so far I have remembered each time I eat something to bless it and reflect on it. And on the way home this morning, I stopped by the cattle in my neighborhood and blessed them and had a talk with them. They seemed to enjoy the chat!

Shirley thanks for all your great work on this great ongoing project! We love you!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Thank you Cindy, I love you too! And I love the idea of blessing the cattle in your neighborhood..

I did my thing today... let me see... today is Saturday, and if we hadn't defined our deal breakers, I think I would have blown it off for today.

I was exhausted, worn to a frazzle from a horridly excruciating 10 hr day at Heavenly Pets, had to stop and get groceries, pick up my 9yr old granddaughter, write today's post for the project (notice how it's just a picture and a comment), fix dinner, let the dog out, fiddle with the cats, and the bird, all this, while running on empty physically, emotionally, and spiritually... ALL THAT plus do an attunement???

And yet... I managed to do it. And I feel pretty good about me right now too.

I did a first degree Reiki distance (not in the same room) attunement on my 5 cats... Am very curious to see how it worked. Be cool if I now have Reiki Kitties, wouldn't it?

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