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Are you a Door or a Wall?

Monday, December 17, 2007

“If you remain closed, you remain dead. It is as if when the whole sky was available, you were just looking from the keyhole. Of course you can see a little sky from the keyhole also, and sometimes a ray of sun passes by; sometimes you can see a flickering star. But this is unnecessarily hard and you remain poor unnecessarily."

Just try one small experiment....

When: “Every night before you go to sleep.”

Duration: 20 minutes

Step 1: Walled Off: “Just stand in the middle of the room and look at the wall. Concentrate on the wall; not the door, the wall. Think of yourself as just a wall with no door in you; completely closed. Nobody can enter you and you cannot get out — imprisoned. Almost become a wall, psychologically. Let your whole energy become a wall, a china wall.

"For ten minutes become the wall and become tense, as tense as you can become. Drop all openings and become absolutely closed...what Leibnitz calls a monad, a windowless atom; completely closed within yourself. You will start perspiring, you will start trembling; anxiety will arise. You will feel as if you are dying, as if you are entering your grave. Don't be worried — enter it. Bring it to a climax — this tension, this contraction, this shrinking.

Step 2: Become A-Door-able! “Then turn, look at the door, keep the door open and become a door. Start feeling that you are becoming a door; you are not a wall. Anybody can come in you; there is no need even to knock. And you can go out; there is no barrier. Relax...relax the whole body and the whole feeling. Expand. Remain standing there but expand. Feel that you are filling the whole room. Feel that your energy is streaming out of the door into the garden. Just let the energy go out, and feel that the outer world is entering you.

"For ten minutes become a wall, and for twenty minutes become a door.

Step 3: Sleep “Then go to sleep.

"Continue this for at least three months. After the third week you will start feeling so open, but continue. I am giving you both so you can feel the contrast more easily.

“Once you can understand your own energy — that it becomes a wall, it becomes a door — then you will become aware of a very beautiful dimension. Then you can feel others' energies. You pass a man on the street; you can feel whether this man is a wall or a door. Now you have an inner understanding about it. Then if you want to relate with this man, don’t relate when you feel he is a wall, because then nothing will succeed. Only relate when you feel that he is a door.

“In the morning somebody may be a door; by the evening he may become a wall — because the whole day has been of struggle, fight, tension, anxiety, and one tends to close. So approach a person when he is a door, and the same person will be totally different.

“Approach your child when he is a door. Then he will listen, then he is ready to absorb what you say. Otherwise you go on shouting. He is deaf; he is a wall. Talk to your wife when she is a door. Make love to her when she is a door. When she is a wall, it is better not to disturb her. But once you know it as your inner feeling, then you can feel it everywhere.”

Found at under Meditations for Busy People
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Anonymous said...

Wow started by feeling interested than anxious. Now I am wondering why? Why do I feel anxious about this? Seriously it is just a, somewhat, guided meditation. Now I have to try this. Maybe it is my somewhat claustophobia kicking in.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Well, I'm really interested in doing this and yet I can't seem to actually do it. So what's up with that?

Am I so afraid to be wide open? Am I so lazy that I can't stand in my bedroom for 20 minutes before bed? Is posting on on a gagillion blogs more important than my own personal journey? Is the doorway through cyberspace more inviting than the doorway to ... life?

I'm full of questions tonight.
Maybe I should go to bed! Or better yet, maybe I should actually do the meditation!

Anonymous said...

This noticing my internal processes, this awareness I've been developing, has been nothing but a blessing. I am glad to understand I can shift my energy from "a wall to a door"-I didn't used to know the difference! (And I was energetically the great wall of China!) I just find the process of noticing my emotions, my posture, where my muscles are locked, etc, CAUSES me to relax. It was when I judged myself for being "walled off" or angry or anything "negative" that I met this wonderful process with resistance. Now it's fun to be "meeting" more people who know how to open their "door"-you sure do TWO FEATHERS! XOXO
Thanks for sharing this!

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