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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do you know what the Principle or Sutra Exercise is for today? Do you remember what it was yesterday? When was the last time you thought about your archetypes? Or used that archetypal energy to help you make a decision or move through a problem? Are you meditating every day? Which meditation are you using? Have you tried any of the meditations that have been recently posted? Are coincidences showing up in your life? Would you notice them if they were? What is your intention for this particular project? What are your intentions for today? Do you know? Are you moving consciously through each day? Or unconsciously reacting to stuff that happens? What one thing do you consistently do every day to bring prosperity and peace into your life? Are you engaging in the cosmic dance of life? Or just passively watching it unfold around you? What can you share with the people who might be reading this post today?


Shirley Twofeathers said...

I know what the basic idea is for today, but I do not know the sutras nor have I read the principles. I get tired of reading the same thing over and over again. I do think about my archetypes every day, and invoke their help periodically. Sometimes it seems to help other times it seemsl like nothing happens.

I am meditating every day. I have tried some of the meditations posted, but usually stick with the so-hum because it's so easy. I find that my day goes better if I do the meditation. However, I do not feel any significant or noticeable effects from the mantra practice. That is, unless I don't do it... then my day seems to go to shit pretty fast.

Coincidences are probably showing up, but I am not actually noticing them very often.

My intention for this project is to feel more comfortable that I can spontaneously manifest whatever it is that I want to manifest. My intentions for today are to have fun going christmas shopping with my granddaughter, and to do it in a way that doesn't wear me completely out.

Mostly I am unconsciously reacting and then consciously trying to unravel the ramifications of those knee jerk reactions.

The only thing that I do everyday with certainty and intention to create prosperity is blogging The Prosperity Project.

As for the cosmic dance of life, I feel as if I am sitting passively by, wishing I had the courage to join in, afraid that I will make a fool of myself, kicking myself for being afraid, and trying to find a way to "just do it".

What can I share with anyone reading this post today? A smile... :)

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Also, I noticed that there is no longer an option to post as "other". Which is annoying to me because I like to use "shirley" along with a link to my personal blog, or green dolphin studio, or wherever it is that I have my focus on that day. So... I guess, from now on, instead of posting as an sort of anonymous "shirley", I'll be posting as Two Feathers.

I love and appreciate each person who reads this blog and shares this journey.

Blessings, smiles, and hugs to all.

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