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Saturday's Principles

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Sixth Principle: Celebrate the dance of the cosmos.

Sutra: Shiva-Shakti (SHE-vah SHOCK-tee)

Meaning: I am giving birth to the gods and goddesses inside me; they express all their attributes and powers through me.

The sixth principle encourages us to live life fully by embracing both the masculine and the feminine aspects of our being.

Myth and Magic by John Howe

One way to embrace both aspects of your self it to call upon both masculine and feminine archetypes. According to Carl Jung, archetypes are inherited memories represented in the mind as universal symbols, and can be observed in dreams and myths. They are states of awareness. Archetypes are universal concentrations of psychic energy.

It is possible to consciously trigger your archetypes through intent. Once you discover your primary archetypes, you can begin to call them to you daily. Surround yourself with symbols, words, or representations that remind you of your archetypes. With such symbols next to your bed, let these be the first things you look at when you wake up in the morning. Ask your archetypes for their guidance and wisdom, and ask that they become a part of you and work through you.

If you invite your archetypes in this way just after your daily meditation, you will start to feel their presence more strongly and more directly. They can provide access to the hidden strengths within you.


Anonymous said...

I have already been noticing my archetypes at work in my life. Particularly the "Strikes Two Woman" archetype. I haven't even done much to gather symbols or anything. I'm going to do that this weekend. How about you guys? Noticing anything?

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