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Energy Contacting Others

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today's essay is targeted for a deeper understanding of and better experience with the Principle and Sutra Exercise for today (Tuesday).

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Energy is continually created and exchanged through contact. Beings who are open, interact, intersect, interfuse, interlace, interchange, interest more than people who are closed - tight - isolated.

Healthy relationship is an inter-relationship, verbal or non verbal commun-i-cation. Vitality in a flow, to and fro, an invisible, feelable, connecting intercourse between energy beings, in various ways, on a multitude of levels.

Or for that matter, openness can become direct contact with any external-internal source, thoughts, feelings, food, flowers, work, play, anyway, it all depends on the degree of separation and unity.

At the opposite extreme, contracted, subject - object relationships are unconscious, automatic, and defensive, closed off. Not really alive or real because the current, the ongoing, ingoing, outgoing experience - energy - feeling is blocked off.

The excessively defensive individual is buying safety and security at the expense of minimizing vitality and life; only letting experience be partially or hardly at all, continuous contraction, supression, and inhibition, a trickling expenditure of energy with little or no return.

Contact on the other hand, for example, between two or more sensitive, aware, interconnecting beings is stimulating, recharging, regenerating. A perpetual, perpetuating glow, a flow that moves back and forth, that recycles, that nourishes. When this exchange becomess more fully open, there is less and less sense of separation. In stillness, activity, or conversation, the other ultimately becomes the self, and the self becomes the other, and what is, is.

Meditative love is only one of many ways, openings, to ultimately join with any - every - no - thing to become, to be, unity, consciousness, energy, fully with one's self.

In an I - thou flowing union, boundaries dissolve, and you - it are one. Whether it is contact with the sun, the ground, the sea, breathing, touching, people, emotions, contemplation, or action, it is all energy.

Contact is some degree of totality, and ultimately it can be at-one-ment, communion. You become the flow. This point is meditation, the experience, essence is tantra, realization that you are love, wisdom, all. The perfection that is, always was and always will be.

~from Energy Ecstasy
by Bernard Gunther


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